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BM snuck behind SO’s back to get a meeting at school to get the youngest a 504 plan that he does not need.

She REFUSES to allow SO to have any addition school nights and she refuses to do her part as a parent. Both children have told us how much she DOESN’T do and with the youngest if you don’t monitor and supervise he won’t do homework / study at all.

Makes sense

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We did a small birthday for the oldest kiddo the other day. Because it was just a mid week visit we really couldn't do much. Just a few presents, sang happy birthday, ate a walmart cake. We also bought tickets for an activity were going to do the next time we have them for the weekend. Kiddo was so happy she started crying. I didn't get it until I'm seeing evidence that their mom who has primary hasn't done anything for her.

I mean this she posted some random photos of the last year while annoucing kiddos age but thats it.

Wellness check

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Will CPS atleast do a wellness check if the main complaint is lice? This has been a constant issue that BM ignores and we are doing everything we can but she is primary. 

It's so bad she shaved the youngest head and now we can see them crawling. She tells the oldest she doesn't have lice and it's just dandruff but won't get her the shampoo for that either. We have litteraly given her bottles of treatment when she's picked them up and I swear she just refuses to use them.

Will she blame us?

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So we're waiting to see if BM tries blame us that no one picked up the kids Tuesday.

So back in May BM told SO she was returning to school and needed help getting the kids from school during the week. SO said ok but 1. He wasn't given up his court ordered time and 2. She would have to come to us to get them those extra days. All was agreed but needed to be flushed out once school started back and thats the last thing we knew.

Well yesterday about 20 minutes after school lets out the oldest calls SO with "I guess you were supposed to pick us up today?". Ummmm no?

BM sends mail

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Mom of the year continues. BM is out of state till next week. She asked our full address to send the kids letters. Ok cool.

Well it arrived. One post card addressed to just the oldest nagging her to play with her brother.... and she wonders why the kids are giving her "additude".

Not your house not your rules.

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I am so royally pissed right now. 

Two things just happened.  


Youngest was in his room talking to his mom on FaceTime which is 100% fine. Well randomly he runs out and apparently uses tablet to show our roommates new dog to his mkm. Wouldn't be an issue except she's dressed for the weather which while decent isn't what she wants random outside the house people seeing. Easily handled. We explained he can talk whenever he wants but he needs to stay in his room because of privacy. That no body likes their space randomly invaded.

But the bigger issue

Control your wife

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I'm about to have a discussion with stepdad about controlling his wife. Realize that this is a joke but seriously. 

Monday SO gets home from taking the oldest to scouts. BM is apart of leadership so we don't do much with it other than offering support. Anyways they meet outside so she can give SO medication for little one. She then decides to make a joke infront of the 12 year old about how they've done much funner things in a parking lot. Oldest hears and request clarification which she regrets she got.

It's called parenting

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BM had to come by our place just a bit ago so I had the oldest run out to give her mom a hug. When she comes back in she says "mom wants to know what you threaten me with to get me to brush my hair."

Ummm. We don't. We litteraly just parent. We tell her, remind her, support her, and reason with her. The same we do with anything in our house. I didn't even do any of that this morning and apparently yesterday she got onto her dad for him not brushing his early enough lol.