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Annnnnd another zero..

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SS just got another zero in Spanish. This is the subject we tried so hard to help him learn. This is the subject where we asked him to create Flashcards for himself but he tried to cheat by bleeding the sharpie color to the other side so he could see the answer and get them right.

But we are so abusive, I guess we should just let it be. (I'm just being petty now, haha)

I really don't know, and can never understand how SS is not even feeling bad getting 3 zeros in a row. 


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At some point he has to WANT to do better. If that is because he wants to make something of himself or he is just sick of consequences, it doesn't matter.

I dont have a good answer, thankfully my SS wasn't living with us at that age. I didn't have to fight these battles. In your shoes, I would want a plan though. It's only fair for there to be light at the end of the tunnel. 

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I hope he will come to that day and realize that he's not studying for us. I simply can't talk that into his mind. I want to plan too, but really don't know how to start this conversation with DH, who is already very stressed out.

He got the latest zero just last Friday, and he was given a chance to retake the test tomorrow (if that's true, his story kept changing - and he was upset that simply had a hard time believing him), but he said he only need to study 20 minutes for be it.

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With school progress like that.. I would not have had many pleasantries at my disposal and my parents would have been sitting down with me and making me study.. actively going through the material... and noting that the longer he tries to ignore.. the longer the session is.

Set a bar.. like he has to get 20 vocabulary words right before his dad will leave him alone.. etc...

And he would not have access to any electronics.. call CPS about that kid.

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We took his MP3 player away for a week. DH told SS he can lose it forever if he keeps the same attitude when he "study." He still needs his iPad and computer to do school work. It's tiring because we have to be on his Arse to make sure he's actually doing work. 

Can we call CPS about the kid? XD

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Is this one test or assignment, or a final grade?  At my school, you would have had to work harder to get a zero as a final grade than to get a B.  I mean, if you showed up you got some participation points.  You could pass without really knowing the material if you showed some effort.

What were the consequences for his first two zeroes?  It's hard to imagine a kid who is getting major consequences for such poor performance not stepping it up a little.  

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Each lesson there is a test, and each chapter (2 lessons) there is an exam. this is not the final grade, Test and Exam is 40% of his total grade. His assignment and participation (60%) is trending at ~70%, but his test/exam result is averaging at ~41% now. If this continues he's not likely to pass..(if my math is right)

We haven't really punished him for getting bad grade, other than require him to plan and study more. (Neither is my DD punished when she failed tests sometimes) we took his MP3 player away this time though. Because he's always rushing everything to get to the device. That and we think he's listening to audiobooks when he's supposed to be paying attention to class (some teachers mentioned he had his headphone on in class - which he shouldn't be doing). So still not really because he failed the tests. 

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I totally get it! SD had tons of missing assignments, was ditching classes, and had a F and a D.  One test in history she had a 37.  So DH was 'really hard on her' and said she couldn't go out again until grades improved but didn't take away her electronics (ugh, big mistake). History teacher said she could retake the test and he would average the two, so best she could make would be like a 70.  She HAD THE ANSWERS to the test and next take she made a 56. She then cried to DH that she still improved (seriously), she just isn't smart and is trying really hard.  I called B.S. and we took away her phone and homework had to be done at the kitchen table or in the study, then the computer had to stay downstairs. It was killing DH, he said he thought I was forcing him to be too harsh, that she is trying and just not a strong student.  So I went in her phone and showed him her social time.  73 hours in one week on things like Tik Tok and instagram. 

It sucks, but since we took away the electronics, her social life and we sit with her everyday after school to do hw and track upcoming test and assignments her grades have improved dramatically.  Also you may want to consider getting him a tutor if that's the only class he is struggling in.