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Sorry for the frequent posts

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ST is keeping me sane during SDiablas unexpected extended stay of 3 weeks!!! SD26 seems to have FINALLY realized she wishes she hadn't stayed here for so long. She wanted to stay here for our superior weather to her state but it has rained here non-stop! Lol Now the weather in her state is much nicer than our weather here. 
DH has kept her clingy, drama-filled butt fed and entertained. 

She just said to me "It's like, what am I still doing here?" 

YES good question SDiabla26 WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE???


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No need to apologize, Elea. STalk is your place to vent!

What was your response to SDiabla26? 

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Post away. I wish I had found StepTalk back in the days of my horrible times. Take care of you. Hugs.

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I hope she can hear herself talk. She sounds ungrateful and like she doesn't value the work DH put into making her stay a pleasant one. My BK has also shown a lot of grace towards SD25, more than I can muster. I have been nice to her even tho I can't stand her and that's about the best I can do for now.

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No worries! I was going out of my skull when Little Idiot was here so vent away! Gives us reading material.

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Its been wonderfully rainy. We SO need it. The hillsides are that bright emerald green I so love.

Too bad she is super ungrateful.

Havent heard a word (block block block) from SD23 Feral Forger. Husband hasnt mentioned anything. SD16 has been just quiet and peaceful. Ive been out and about (storm waves are HUGE) and havent paid much attention.