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Relaxed. Doesn't happen often!

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I woke up this morning and began my day. After a short while I was humming along when it suddenly hit me...I was relaxed, carefree! And it felt wonderful!


No skid weekend. This always relieves a lot of the pressure. 

But I also know there will be NO DRAMA because HCBM and skids are preoccupied and not close by. (rarely happens, will tell about the.drama brought in like fury leading up to this preoccupied time soon)

The Blame Game

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This is a game I refuse to play (hence Mantrum, see previous blog). 

Why is it that men, rather than figure out a solution to a problem, resort to shoving the blame in a different direction?! (not all men, but a lot of OUR men here!)

This is another reason why I disengaged. SO would ask for my help, he would want to discuss issues, figure out solutions together, until...he didn't like my response. OR he would get defensive about hurting skids feelings and how DARE I think like that. 

Throwing a Mantrum!

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That is my new word of the day - MANTRUM!
Picture a typical toddler tantrum only toss in a grown man and that's what you get - a MANTRUM!

I am expecting at any moment for SO to throw himself to the ground, kicking and screaming. 

In reality, he is just giving me the silent treatment. Even went as far as to refuse to eat what I made for dinner! That's a mantrum right there Smile