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We all tested positive…

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... DH, DD2, SS14 and I all tested positive for COVID... so not only did we have him last weekend, we will have him this weekend and then the following weekend as we have a 5-2-2-5 schedule. I live for the moments when this kid is at his moms house.


Who cleans up the pie dish?

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On Father's Day I made pie.

Last night DH and I saved the last slice of pie for SS. 

This morning I woke up to a plate, a fork, a knife and the empty pie dish in the sink. I tell DH to handle it- he asks SS14 to clean up after himself before he leaves for school. 

SS washes his fork and plate. Leaves the knife and the pie dish.....

When SS gets home, DH asks him why he didn't wash the knife and pie dish to which he replies, "I didn't have time before school." 

DH tells him he should have washed it light night. 

Another Father’s Day post… another flunky skid

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IMO- if a kid can grip a crayon, they can make a gift.

Obviously kids need different levels of help with a gift depending on their age- it's really the thought that counts and with SS, there is no thought.

DD2 made DH a mug at school with the help of her teacher. Made a card with my help at home. I also bought DH a Father's Day gift, took him out for a morning activity, and will make his favorite meal tonight.

When to tell SS14 about pregnancy?

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Sorry to be a blog hog this week- there's just a lot on my mind and you are all incredibly helpful.

DH and I are currently 12 weeks pregnant. We have DD2, we had a miscarriage at 13 weeks in January, and I'm currently approaching that 13 week mark now. We told him about the second pregnancy that resulted in miscarriage and he was NOT happy... and infact appeard to be almost happy that the pregnancy ended. Now that we're pregnant again- I'm not sure the best time to tell him.