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Call recorder app

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Does anyone know of a good app my partner can use to record phone calls? Preferably free? Apparently the one he was using had a free trial and it ended.

We do know in our state only one party must know a call is being recorded so he's well in his rights. Apparently BM called him today and included a few more details that would be something we'd want to share with a judge.



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I personally would not do that (although I don't know your situation, and maybe it's different), because I've read about several cases of people secretly recording their exes, and the judges were not happy, regardless of the legality in their location. One person was ordered to undergo a psych eval after trying to present several recordings in court. I understand your reason for wanting to do it, but I think it's too risky. 

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BM has used phone calls to blackmail my partner before which is why he started doing it. She has flat out said give me money or you won't see the kids. 

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But now that the divorce is over and a order in place on parenting time and he's regularly paying CS, she can't just withhold the kids without possible contempt. 

Visitation and CS do not go hand in hand. BM can't withhold visitation due solely to wanting money. She already gets money. If she is trying to get additional money on top of CS that is not in their agreement, you know Dad does not have to fork it over. 

Recording BM being stupidly running her mouth, just because you live in a state with need of only one party awareness does not mean any recording you make of BM will be admission acceptable in court (judge may not listen to it if it is allowed in) nor that a judge will take it into any consideration. Some parents drag huge self made folders into court full of incidents, with a judge at times never glancing at any of it. 

Threatening to withhold the kids doesn't really mean anything other than a HC BM running her mouth.... unless of course, she follows through and actually starts withholding the kids. 

First time (even two) BM follows through with her mouth and threats by withholding the children, odds are great she will get no more than a scolding and told to behave. 

Record all you please, just don't get your hopes up that any recording will do much good. A judge isn't going to consider it blackmail to threaten withholding the kids when if your SO  just wipes out his wallet and hands her extra cash. Because your SO has the ability to go get them, them actually be withheld , documenting refusal and then filing a motion .... he doesn't have to pay. Sure , if she threatens and follows through, Dad goes the weekend without the kids, but he then has something to approach the court with. 

Any actual attempt to refuse the children having visitation would have to be fairly recent. Not from a year ago that happened once or twice prior to the finalization of the divorce and the order/plan in place. Has she withheld visitation since the divorce has been over and on file? Running her mouth , while annoying, isn't a offense to take to court... following u her threat and actually withholding would be. 

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We are doing what we were told to do by our lawyer. The repeated attempts at black mail aren't the only issue that is being recorded.

Anyways, you have given your advice and I thank you for that but you are not in our position. Unless you have advice that would help us find an app to do the recording anything further is unnecessary.

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The one we use is Call Recorder-ACR they have a free verison but we paid I tink 4.99 for the app.

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We need one of these too. And one that saves text messages too preferably. I know a lot of people are turned off of recording phne calls but in our case, we've told BM multiple times that she is being recorded, videoed, etc and it keeps her on her best behavior. She always puts her best face forward when she thinks a judge might watch her. 

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BM knows that we save all text messages and we push for all communcation to go though it but she knows when my partner can't /won't text and that' when she'll call. She does it on purpose when she knows she is ding wrong. 

Thing is alot of what we want is slip ups where she'll be lying and then in her phone call she'll screw up. It's not just about court but we've had her lie to the lawyers and this stuff stops that. 

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And I don't mind paying a little bit (but not loads!!) In my jurisdiction it is NOT legal to record phone calls without telling people. However - I'm not using it for talking to my ex  or BM - but to record podcast interviews - so would love to have recommendations for good ones. 

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I recommend not taking her calls anymore and forcing her to do everything in writing.

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We do our best to do that but if he wants to speak to the children he has to go through her. She also knows when he's unable to take a text and will call then. He does hang up if her behavior is an issue but like I said she's smart and will wait for phone calls to make her threats. Alot of what we want to record also isn't thing she would type becuase they are in passing. For example she claims not to have an issue with the boys behavior. Yet over the phone you can hear her get onto the child for throwing his glasses. Again not all of this is about taking it to court. SO will also replay things for me and ask for advice on how he should handle situtations.