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Am I wrong???

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I don't often remember my dreams when I wake up. If I do, that usually means they were particularly weird or disturbing. In all of two years, Ms. Perfect has never been in my dreams.

But last night, she was. She was coming to pick up SS, and was extremely early, and she pulled into my back yard and came up on my porch. Long story short-I proceeded to beat the living be-jesus out her. Then I went on some three hour long trek to find the paperwork stating the arrangements for pick up.

Things going well

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for the most part. We got dumb assignments from Ms. Perfect again (work he did in pencil that she erased for him to do over again), but I decided what I wanted to do was much more educational, so that's what we did. He's writing a one page paper on his favorite wrestler. If that doesn't teach him about complete sentences, I don't know what will.

Justice for Mic and SS!!!

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Could it really be? After all this time? Could the court finally be stepping in and making Ms. Perfect abide by the rules? Yes, yes, and another resounding yes!

You know, it's a shame that a mother would ever put herself in the position to choose between following the judge's orders or going to jail, but that's exactly what happened! And she's going back to court on account of it. Yup...the judge is going to tell her himself. And the best part is that Mic doesn't have to miss work and go! After she got the call, it was very easy to talk to SS for a few days.

And It Continues...

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With no intervention from anyone. Poor Mic tries to call SS tonight, around 7:45. Ms. Perfect picks up and informs him that SS is out to dinner with the neighbors. The call ultimately ended with Ms. P. hanging up on him. Over an hour later, SS calls. Okay, so maybe this chick has some sort of compassion, if not for the father of her child, at least for her own kid, right? Never. She planned a bike ride for when he got home. Oh, finally, she'll be spending some quality time with him, after 3 sleepovers in a row. Nope. His buddy was going with them.

Totally Annoyed...yet again

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So I feel like I've been moaning and groaning about a lot of the same stuff when it comes to Ms. Perfect. But I can't help it, as I find myself once again justifiably peeved with her. Thursday was back to the same BS with the denial of phone visitation until she found out that Mic made a child support payment. Supposedly he was at a friend's house eating dinner, but it was a lie. Come to find out SS had been in the yard the whole time. Whatever.

Thanks for encouragement-Update on being selfish

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Thanks for the reassurance, folks! I switched up the delivery time to get SS to the ball game in time for practice. By the time I got back, I had missed a few innings, but he got to play his "last" (more on this in a few) game of the season. So it all worked out, and by the time we got home, we actually had over an hour to kill before we had to go the church banquet. I was dead to the world by the time we got home for the night, but everything that needed to get done got I really can't complain. Mic took him to the BBQ for a little while, and SS had a blast.

I feel so selfish-yet I am totally annoyed!

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So Ms. Perfect hasn't been bothered to take SS to a baseball game since that whole bit the other week. Okay, fine, she signs him up for stuff and can't be bothered to take him, much less support him. Whatever.

So Mic got a new job and will be working on Saturday, which is also SS's last ball game of the season. Now the responsibility falls on me.