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4 Years and 12 Months

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is the length of time I have been a member of Steptalk.  Wow  5 years.  The first two years went fast the last 3 have been filled with non wanted drama and learning that some kids are just horrible.  Good parenting or not.

Thank you all for being here for all of us.

Do I get a chip or pin or something?  LOL



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LOL, we should totally get tokens or something for our years of skid hell! 

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It is but my account actually says member for 4 years 12 months LOL


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4 years 12 months

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A  case of C-PTSD, matching scars on your heart and mind ,a pile of dried up skid turds.

And a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeeeee.

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Um... congrats? Yes, congratulations for surviving!!! You get a bottle of champagne!!

Um, you have to buy it... Wink

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I know in AA and NA you get chips and pins for length of time you have been "in."  I think we should get bottles of vodka.

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The pin should just have a huge flame on it... We'll all know it means stephe!!, everyone else will think it's some kind of trendy elemental pin...

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I think we are in a generally under researched area where abuse is more common that not, even in good marriages overall. I am not certain why science has not taken a hard look at our social dynamics which many of us share---too many for it to be just coincidence.  I keep hoping somebody with curiosity and a zest for learning will read all of this one day and actually deeply begin to explore this sickening social dynamic as it really exists. Maybe that is why DH's have no clue, few have ever recognized the enmeshment's obvious existance, even beyond immediate families.

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The dysfunction that is the core of StepHell does cut across socio-econonimcs , race, religion, gender ..TIME AND SPACE! LOL

I posted an article when I first stepped out of lurker mode titled Dirty Underhanded Trick Playbook coz the BioHag,the skids and DH all seem to magically draw  their behavior from it ; I concluded from lurking for years.


Since then I surmise that all that we as targeted SMs and SF experience  are the SYMPTOMS expressed through actions of deep personality disorders.

Pass that bottle of vodka I am having flashbacks from the C-PTSD.

I agree that the phenomena of StepHell is understudied and less understood and as there are more dysfunctional "Blender Families" created daily should be researched. Maybe by the CDC, Some National Association for Something or Other..DR Who..LOL

And have you noticed an explosion of narcissism in the news? Many periodicals  have articles about spotting a narc ,symtoms of etc. Coincidence? Or are narcs a by-product of Blender Family Dysfunction? There must be millions of 'em .


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It’s like being stuck at non paying job forEVER where your coworkers are aholes and undermine you and your boss doesn’t recognize nor reward your sacrifices.

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If there are any rewards, I have 10 years in.  I'm already on my second relationship with a man with kids.  Not all relationships are the same, but I sure learned a lot.

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4 years 3 months noted for me. I think the pin idea is good, tolkens maybe, but my vote is for a bottle of wine per month membership for each year as a step mom, so then I would be a member of 7 clubs and receive 7 bottle of wine a month...Thats 7 days or one week of treatment for the affliction, but I would have to be married for 30 years to get a bottle a day and I'm not sure that my sanity would hold out!


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Umm hi, my name is Julie and I'm a's been seven years since I disengaged...

ST is part group therapy, part confessional, part club where everybody drinks and knows things. I defo want a chip with flames on it!