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SS7 outs BM to us...

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A few months ago at SS7's conferences, BM was bragging about how she volunteers at SS7's school (she works nights so this is how she "makes up" for not spending time with him). She asked DH and I if she could add us to the PTA, which is the first step to volunteering. DH told her it wasn't necessary, but to go ahead and she said she would. We both told her that us volunteering wasn't going to happen because we both work days and SS7 never has school on the days we have off.

SS7 came home the other day and asked us why we haven't volunteered at his school yet. DH and I looked at each other, puzzled, and then looked back at SS7. DH said, "Why would you think we would volunteer? We both work during the day, bud, and we can't leave work to come and do that."

SS7 replies, "Well my mom told me a long time ago that you guys promised you would come and volunteer at my school. But you haven't come yet." (He looks down with a disappointed expression.

DH clarifies, "We never told your mom we'd volunteer. She asked if she could sign us up to do it, and we told her she could if she wanted to but that we couldn't volunteer. She volunteers because she's not at home when you are after school. We are here with you every night after school. We choose to work during the day so we can do that. We wish we could volunteer, but honestly we'd rather spend the entire evening with just you instead of two hours with you and the rest of your class."

SS7 says, "I would rather you guys be here at night, too."

Great that he said that, but seriously? She's such a bitch. We also think she's telling him that I lie or something because every time I tell him something that happened before where he was present, he says, "I don't remember that happening. Are you sure?" with this suspicious look on his face.