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So hurt and angry

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I guess I will be writing this blog to vent..

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant since we lost our first one March 1, 2013, miscarriage and had to get a D&C. September 19, 2014, I realized I was 5 days late but didn't know if it was the stress I was consuming. (in a custody battle currently) I took a pregnancy test, and it had a faint line. Just to verify that I was pregnant, I went to the doctor that following day, and they said I was pregnant, congratulations. I was in utter shock. I didn't know if I should be happy or scared.. all these emotions.

Is it wrong to feel this way?

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I am reading some stories about their step kids. I am thankful I do not have much problems with my step children. Well, let me rewind. I do not have problems with 3/4. The only problem child I have is the middle child. She is 4 and makes it clear that she doesn't like me. Will not do as she is told. She plays your nerves to see what she can try to get by...

Must Share

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So I have to share with everyone about this story, since in the beginning I would rant about my DH, Exwife. According to their divorce decree, my DH is to pay her $750 a month on CS. Based on his military pay. However during that time period he was medically discharged from the service for ptsd, tbi phase 2, sleep apnea, borderline being deaf, his bck frmed scoliosis, and 5% of his brain is gone from being blown up. when he was released he filed for disability through the military. It took 6 months to hear back. {my DH is a ten yr veteran, rating 80%)

Help, please?

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I am trying to figure out some of the initials for everything that people are using in their blogs. Can someone post the initials of everything n meaning for me on my blog? I know some, but when I read some other blogs I feel lost or dumb?

Like, whats BM? (example)

Jesus answers Prayers

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So, a few months ago I lost custody for the academic year for my son. My ex hacked into my account on social media and found that I was venting one day of having all 5 kids. Anyone that has 3 kids or more, lets be serious, its over whelming right? A private conversation with someone that doesn't even know my sons father and I were talking and I was venting how irritated I was because they couldn't get along that one day. Can you believe in irrelivancey to the case that statement made me loose my child? The only I have raised for 4 years by myself?

Ex-wife did LOW BLOW

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My mother and I came back from a dinner outting to get out of the house for one Saturday night. I have been having a rough time lately, because my BD won custody over our 4 yr old. (temporary) Who he only did as spite, no relationship with his son what so ever. Its his wife that has always wanted my son--- anyways another story.
Well, filing an appeal and waiting for the next hearing)

Ex-wife Drama

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I see alot of blogs about step-children. I have 4 step-children. The boy is 8, 3 girls 7,4,2. I really don't have issues with my step-kids. They are 95% well mannered and good for me. My husbands first wife, left him for another man. When that didn't work out much for her, she just loads these kids around without a care in the world.