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Is it wrong to feel this way?

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I am reading some stories about their step kids. I am thankful I do not have much problems with my step children. Well, let me rewind. I do not have problems with 3/4. The only problem child I have is the middle child. She is 4 and makes it clear that she doesn't like me. Will not do as she is told. She plays your nerves to see what she can try to get by...

Other than that... I have a 8,7,4, & 3 yr old. But I don't see them much. The only problem I have with them is trying to get close to them. I don't know why. I have a problem saying they are my children. I always say these are my husbands kids. He gets upset, that I don't claim them. IS that wrong? Does anyone else do that?

I love them. But I am not their mother and I don't want to be. Is that a wrong parent concept?

However, their BM considers me as the other mother. I don't like it. I will not even allow them to call me mom.


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No, no, no. You are not wrong! It's weird that they expect you to be instant parent to kids that aren't yours. Ick. Nope, never.