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Its finally over

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By over I dont mean the world of having to deal with BM drama, but the court aspect is over. Both parties signed the parenting plan yesterday, the judge should sign off on it today or tomorrow. DH has sole physical custody and joint legal but hes primary since SD lives with us. BM will now have to jump through flaming hoops for 2 years to get joint physical custody and by that time SD will be old enough to have a say in where she wants to be. This is a huge win for us.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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So after a visit with BM and SD's brothers was ended early, because BMs boyfriend was present for the visit and hes not supposed to be. He literally snuck into the library after the visit started and sat at a table next to Bm and the kids but pretended he didnt know her, it gave very stalker/creeper vibes. This entire situation with the boyfriend has bothered me and grandAngel for months! Something just isnt right about him. Bm could easily have him cleared to be on visits if he did a background check through CPS.

It was not the day, and I was not the 1 the 2 or the 3.

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So SD 10, has a cell phone. Her Grandhag on BMs side bought it for her in a panic when DH got temp full custody, and continues to be responsible for the bill. DH had told both BM and grandhag that he thought SD was too young for  cell phone and so he would not be taking responsibility for it. It is supposed to be SD's responsibility to text grandhag and let her know when the bill needs to be paid (its just a prepaid). She gets a text every month telling her when its due.

The last ten months of hell

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So I wrote a "little" back story in my previous post, if your interested in the full story. 

In January of 2022 my DH and I got temporary full custody of my SD 10. BM has unaddressed mental illness issues and substance abuse issues. There is also some emotional abuse, codependency (her kids were raised to be HER emotional support), domestic violence, erratic behavior, unsafe situations and unhealthy relationship dynamics issues and parental alienation.

Back Story

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My situation is pretty unique in my opinion, I know we all feel like that but there are a few details that seem to separate me from most other step moms. For starters my husband was never in a relationship with his daughters mom, They hangout a couple times and slept together once. Also, my husband wasn't the only person she was sleeping with, her and her girlfriend at the time were both sleeping with his best friend at the time, with the intention of getting pregnant.