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Its finally over

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By over I dont mean the world of having to deal with BM drama, but the court aspect is over. Both parties signed the parenting plan yesterday, the judge should sign off on it today or tomorrow. DH has sole physical custody and joint legal but hes primary since SD lives with us. BM will now have to jump through flaming hoops for 2 years to get joint physical custody and by that time SD will be old enough to have a say in where she wants to be. This is a huge win for us. We no longer have to walk on egg shells or worry about every mistake we might make being put under a microscope, or the unbelievable lies that BM comes up with. The amount of relief that came with this is unreal. We are going to explain to SD whats going on and how everything will work after the judge signs off, just in case. for the next at least 6 months BM only gets one visit a week and there will be a CPS supervisor present for her other children, so Im going to enjoy this temporary mental break and focus on all the things I've been letting fall through the cracks. Thank you to everyone who has commented on any of my posts. Ive really appreciated the encouragement and comradery that I have found here. 


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Great news, hopefully she just poofs into the ether and allows you guys to continue to help your SD heal from all the trauma.

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That is fabulous news! Congratulations. Now you can relax a little. BM can f*** right off. Yeah!

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I hope the repreive gets SD the time she needs to process the facts, review the CO, and gain clarity regarding her toxic BM.

Enjoy your life for a while!