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How do I keep the steps out of my space while away?

I leave tomorrow and will be gone until early next week. DH is not joining me because he has his boys the majority of the time in which I am away.

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BM caught in a lie!!!

BM sent DH a text begging him to keep steps overnight due to her AC going out. She told him that she was worried about their comfort and would pick them up first thing in the morning.

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Hear that BM <<<beep, beep>>> it's the Karma Bus!

BM has eleven more months to make my life a living hell! Why only eleven more months? DH is being transferred to Germany starting next June!

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BM is freaking our because DH refuses to take steps the weekend of July 6th and keep them until July 10th. Keep in mind this is her weekend and has been scheduled as such for over six months.

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Curse you, HAG (BM)! RANT

Once again, the MOTY plans to ruin a big day for my family.

A little of this story:

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Vacation Update

The boys came over this past weekend crying and giving us a load of crap because we would not allow BM to take them (on our dime) for three days during our Disney Vacation.

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Vacation Question

Have any of your BMs tried to 'join' your family vacation?

A little background:

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What exactly is my lane?

If a cell phone is under my contract and I pay the bill, is it in my ‘lane’ to shut the phone off or block individuals who abuse the privilege of said cell phone?

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Need advice....

Hi All,