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Inlaws stop by

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The inlaws stopped by unannounced last weekend to drop off a present for DS4s birthday. They know we typically have a party the weekend of or before birthdays, so not sure if they thought they were going to get to show up to the party and surprise us in front of people or what. Luckily we weren't home so we didn't have to deal with it.

Idk why MIL can't just say okay to the boundaries DH set and quit harassing us about SD instead of having to manipulate her way back in somehow.


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I'm glad you weren't home. 

My in laws are crying that we are abusve and my DH is a horrible son/brother for shutting them out. You know you're boundaries are working when they cry abuse and try to play the victim. I can't believe these people really think DH and I are the jerks because we won't suck up to them and be a part of the drama. 

SD14 doesn't want to see us or talk to us and you know... that's a boundary she's set and when she says no we accept it instead of push, whine and guilt trip like my entiled in laws.

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Woohoo! That worked out perfect! I'm happy for you!

As for your MIL? People like her NEVER learn to respect other's boundaries. It's all about them. Continue to hold yours. It's all you can do. DHs kids are like this...cannot respect a boundary to save their lives because they only think of themselves. 

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Yep, now they're gonna have to wait 3 more months until YDS bday for the next excuse to stop by, haha.