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Andddd now the blow up has happened.

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So after all the events of the previous blogs, MIL sends this message via FILs phone to DH:

"Hi, DH we have a card for SD, would be nice to get it to her before her birthday."

DH responds, obviously pissed because its 100% clear now that only SDs birthday matters to them and that MIL was trying to manipulate YDS birthday into being about SD:

"Have you considered the mail?"

FIL: "In person would be better"

DH: "MDS and YDS didnt get theirs in person or on time, what's going on?"

I can't believe they're still pushing it after we already told them twice that this weekend doesn't work, just because MIL HAS to throw her stupid party for SD.

To be continued ...

Update: FIL replied with a couple more texts. He gave the same BS excuses about why they weren't at the other kids birthday as before and then said "we want to be on time for one of your kids' birthdays, it sucks missing them. DH ignored it and then he sent another one whining about how we're always too busy for them and all they want to do is drop off a card. Didnt ask what we are doing or anything - its 4th of July weekend, how do they know if we will even be home? And they said they always try to stop by when they are in town (only when SD is there) but we're usually busy. That's happened once. But I guess their schedules are the only ones that matter, right?



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Yeah because that is awesome.  My DH is a pansy and won't stick up for his "new family" with anyone. 

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MIL obviously thinks there's nothing wrong with her blatant favoritism because she's being very bold and open about it. I hope the next step is no contact. What a miserable ish.

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I'm glad that your DH FINALLY sees your MIL is indeed favoring one of his children over his others as if they don't matter.  The excuses are ridiculous.  The lengths your MIL goes to in order to try to continue her favoritism are disgusting.  I hope your DH continues to stand his ground.  He has to be offended also that 2 of his children are being treated as if they don't exist.  Your SD's bday is more important than your son's FIRST bday?!?!? SD isn't at any milestone bday so why all the effort to make sure she's the one who is acknowledged and gets a bday card on time?!?! Gross!

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Oh you know with MILs like this she doesn't have to tell her to go celebrate with SD and BM.  MIL probably contacted BM immediately after the exchange to make sure she can see beloved SD and treat her extra super special Bad The SIL already does this!

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SIL apparently lost the balls to keep contacting BM after DH stopped talking to her. They're all such weak, passive aggressive people. 

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I'm wondering if MIL is angry enough to actually do that. Another weird facet of her personality is she HATES any outsider and generally wont have anything to do with anyone outside of her little circle. Including BM. So we'll see.

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Lets take bets!  LOL!  I bet she will or already has because her LOVE of SD is stronger than her hate of BM. 

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Hmm...I really dont know. But I'm gonna go with she has FIL contact BM about it. She works the weekends SD is at BMs, so if that happens we really know they're full of shit because work is the excuse for why she can never do anything the weekends SD isnt here - even though shes done by 3 PM at the latest.

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LOL, you are probably right, FIL the pansy puppet of MIL will do her evil bidding!  Also, you're right 3pm isn't late at all she could definitely have come after work.  We all know it was excuses and BS anyways.  She needs her precious SD time!