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Andddd now the blow up has happened pt 2

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The inlaws ended up mailing the card that was so crucial to get to SD before her birthday. DH got an email showing it was in the mail (some service we apparently signed up for with mail forwarding when we moved). He never went and got the mail and neither did I. So SD wont get the card until after her birthday now. Dang. Did they send YDS card for his birthday that was a week before? No. 

Taking bets on if they actually show up this weekend or not. I'm betting last minute they'll decide not to.


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I'm betting MIL will be too exhausted after work or FIL will have to go drive truck last second - but they just happen to be free the following weekend when SD is there.

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I'm sure you are correct and I hope you are prepared to be to busy for them the weekend that SD is there!  MIL is disgusting behaving this way.  I love how manipulative idiots like this think they are so slick and you can't figure out what they are up too.  To me it is an insult to my intelligence!  Seriously, MIL you are as transparent as plastic wrap!

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Mark it as "forward to" and put BM's address on it. Then pop it back in the mail.