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So MIL left last week finally. I finally got everything in my house back to normal. She told DH that she wants us to come there for Christmas. I told DH have fun with that!! OSS was in the car and waits until DH gets out of the car and tells me your grandfather is dumb for not wearing a mask. Mind you we were outside and he was no where near anyone. He was just sitting in a chair far away from anyone else mind his own business.

I told DH what he said and he just looked at me. Then we were all in the car and OSS had all his computer stuff in the back seat with him so apparently he couldn't hold his drink and I was holding the food already and all the drink holders were full so I told DH well what should I do with all this stuff shove it up my a** so I can hold his drink. OSS said well if it will fit then go ahead. DH just turned around and looked at him. OSS says oh I am just joking. I am thinking sure you were you demon spawn!

So fast forward to today, OSS chews on anything plastic then spits it out on my floor and we have told him time and again to stop doing it. So I blew up and told DH to bring OSS out to the kitchen. DH tells him to stop throwing his chewed up plastic on the floor and OSS says I'm sorry. Then he starts to walk off and I wait a minute we aren't done talking and he says excuse me I told him you heard me! He just stands there looking at me and DH starts saying tankh21 please don't I tell DH you better just not say a word!

I tell OSS, look you need to stop being a hypocrite because you are spreading your germs by throwing your chewed up plastic on the floor then you want to run your mouth and say that my grandfather is dumb for not wearing a mask because he is going to spread his germs around you. Then I told him that he can start shoving his nasty chewed up plastic up his a**! Then I just walked off.

I told DH that this is all his fault and he I could care less about his or OSS's feelings. DH says well he just has a difference of opinion. I told him I don't care and to go talk to a counselor because I am done with his excuses for letting his kid think that he can do whatever he wants.

I told DH if you aren't in this house then OSS goes everywhere with you because he is your responsibility and he doesn't get to stay home if you aren't here. So this morning when DH left he took OSS with him.


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Is not SS it's your DH. For not parenting his son.  Letting him do what he wants with out major punishment.

Until or if DH gets his act together nothing will change and get better. 

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He took him today, but will he take him tomorrow?  Your H isn't much for follow through, and as Harry said, your H is the big problem here.  He has been the problem, and he continues to be the problem.  Nothing improves because he doesn't show you the proper respect and consideration.

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oh. My. G*d.

I would have lost it JUST like you. Like, exactly what I would have said. I mean my DH is a pushover but he actually calls out the SDs on hypocritical behaviour (Oh, OSD hattttteeeeed that!) and if they said anything like that to me they'd be out of the car.  You DH just seems to not get it. At All.

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cup, yeah i’d have thrown it on the street and told ss to fetch it!!

no way would my husband just stare in shock and not discipline that pos behaviour. Hubby knows if he didn’t address it and rain down hell on him that he wouldn’t be getting any loving or destressin via sex!!!

you have a man husband who has lost his balls. Make him find it back!!

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This sounds so toxic. The way you speak to your husband makes it clear you don't respect him. And then you fly off the handle because SS kid disrespects you five seconds after you disrespect his father. I guarantee SS thinks you're a hypocrit, too. You demand respect from them, but you don't give it. Toxic. 

I'm not saying your SS isn't an ass and your dh isn't a weak/useless parent. But that doesn't mean you aren't also a toxic contributor to this dysfunction.