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First week of hell down....

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So... When I got home from work last night I found a whole box of macaroni and cheese wasted in the trash can. I knew it was OSS and I asked him did he waste the macaroni and cheese and why? He said no he didn't I said you are the only one that wastes it don't lie to me. DH was at some appointment with a client and took YSS with him so he wasn't there when this was all happening.

Any way, I asked OSS again why he wasted the macaroni and cheese and he just shrugs his shoulders and I said ok well I am not buying macaroni and cheese for you to waste anymore and if you want some it will be when everyone is eating it. I said you aren't going to apologize to me and he rolls his eyes and says no because I don't like you. I said ok fine.

When my DH got home I told him what happened and told him that we aren't buying food for his kid to waste anymore and he agreed with me. I told him that his kid has no respect and I am not getting the food he wants anymore as long as we have a joint account. I told him if he wanted to buy OSS the food he wants then he was going to buy it on his own. I am done with this kid and refuse to do anything for him anymore at all.


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I would have told the kid that I don't give a flying #$*&% that he doens't like me but that he will respect me and he will apologize.

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Game on.  And you will win.

It amazes me how these little punks think they can out maneuver some with a double IQ and life experience.  But sometimes it amazes me more how many SPs let the little punk get away with murder without even trying to slap them down.  Now none of this applies to a 4-5 year old - but an older teen - hell yes game on.

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No more wasting your money and purchasing food that gets thrown away NO matter who paid for it. Do as you said and be done with it. Let your H make all purchases for food when it comes to HIS children. Lets see how he likes his money being thrown away.


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Your H may appear to agree with you now, but based on past history he'll be siding with the skid against you soon enough.  I have no idea why you stay with this man and his annoying spawn.

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Can't remember how old this kid is, but I would be tempted to tell my husband he needs to take both his kids with him if he isn't going to be home.  I wouldn't subject myself to that much disrespect from a child.

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"Ok I'll review the secret recordings then and get back to you with the evidence"



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1) do not buy anything for skids food related! If you want it for general house great, but no special things.

2) if that was me, and it has been, I would have said nothing. Just taken out every remaining box and given it to food bank. Then see 1) above.

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Buy that little shit expired Mac n cheese!! Little punk!!