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Minor Dilemma

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I know I haven't blogged in awhile but here it is...OSS eat macaroni and cheese however he opens two boxes but just wants the cheese out of the second box.  I talked to my DH about it and of course he doesn't think it's a big deal and told me that a box of macaroni and cheese is cheap and it really doesn't matter.  I know that macaroni and cheese is cheap however it is the principle of the kid wasting my money that I work hard for.  Should I confront OSS about this or should I just stop buying the macaroni and cheese altogether?  


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I do this with so many things!! I can't keep things on the shelves in the pantry. So I now only buy small amounts. Sure, the end of the week looks like we will starve but it keeps things like 8 cans of raviolli (SS's favorite thing in the world) from disappearing in 2 days time. I used to shop at costco- it was just easier with a big family. I could do one big trip a month and then just a few small trips for fresh fruit and veggies and little things we needed. Now, forget it! I was doing my monthly trip almost weekly just to keep up with SS. My kids aren't like that at all. So now I just don't keep extras of anything. 

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its only like a 1$, but if he wants to waste a box, get a ziplock, and he can have pplain old macaroni and tuna for dinner!

Teaching him the value of money is the point. So many kids do not care about money except what treats and toys it can buy them. If they have to work for it, completely different story. Money is boring, my skid 12 tells me. Ok, then you cant have that treat you want when we go out! It is boring!

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Depends. What happens to the one box of unused pasta? Is it bagged up and perhaps used in a vegetable beef soup for Dh you or used in some type of other dish? Just tossed? Would buying a package of individual cheese slices and letting him melt a slice or two into one box of pasta and just one sauce packet?

It's obviously the extra fake 'cheesy' he's going for, though two packets of sauce in one cooked box of pasta is ridiculous (especially if it's the powdered 'cheese sauce' *gag*).

FWIW, you confronting the kid won't do any good as long as Dad lets the kid do it either with or without you around when it's happening.  

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I say stops buying it if you and dh aren’t eating it don’t buy it. Or make him pay for it  as the other blogger suggests my biggest kitchen pet peeve is food waste. I would explain the cost and then maybe explore other options to make it cheesier like maybe velveeta or something 

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Has OSS been told not to take the cheese from another box of mac and cheese?  If not, tell him not to do it.  Inform him that unless he is going to use the macaroni in the other box (with no cheese), it is wasteful and if he does it there will be no more mac and cheese boxes purchased.  If he's been told and still does it, stop buying it.  Or you could buy a box of elbow macaroni and a block of velveeta so the kid could make his mac and cheese as cheesy as he liked without being wasteful.  It'd be a little more work for him, but he could have more cheese.

But really, if it doesn't bother your husband, doing anything about it is only going to end up causing you problems.  He won't support you (he rarely does) and he'll be annoyed that you're making a big deal out of what he considers to be nothing.  Some of these guys just don't get it - they don't realize that this is how their kids learn life lessons.

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Why don't you just use the left over macaroni in another dish? Explain it to SS so he understands why it is wrong to just throw out the pasta. If you can use it in another way, I don't see the big deal.

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I would be irritated if I went to make Mac n cheese and the cheese packet was missing.  He could use shredded cheese to make his batch cheesier.  I think what he is doing is inconsiderate if anybody else in the house eats it too.  If he is the only one eating Mac n cheese then I wouldn't buy anymore til the 'robbed' box has been eaten.

Now I'm craving some kraft Mac n cheese with tuna and peas. LOL

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Teach him how to make his batch of mac 'n cheese cheesier by grating some extra cheese from the fridge and adding it rather than stealing a packet from another box. Adding different kinds of cheese plus some extra milk and butter can make it gourmet rather than the same old yucky powdered cheese version.  

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You can buy extra cheese powder on Amazon (if thats the kind you're referring to). Otherwise, save the leftover macaroni for other meals.

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Hide the second box so he can't take the cheese from it - there is NO reason he does that. If he needs it to be cheesier he can add other cheese to it.. that's not even healthy to eat that - look at the sodium content  on that - ugh. Tell him he's not to do that anymore and have hubby back it up. OR simply only buy one box at a time - or like someone else said - refuse to buy another until he's eaten the box of plain pasta.

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I guess I'm the outlier here.... Honestly, the thought of double-fake-cheese boxed mac and cheese is making my mouth water. I love that chemical-laden, day-glo crap! I do! It's one of my few vices. Mmmmmm...cheesy....

Ahem. That being said, I wouldn't allow that. It's wasteful. If he wants to use his allowance or birthday money to buy his own supply of it, great. But if it's your money, then no.

Dang it, now I want mac and cheese!!