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It does rain in California, and today it was wet.  My two golden retrievers, Gatsby (because he's great) and Finnegan got to go for their park run and grass rub just prior to the dampness falling.  I ruminated this morning as I watched them run and play about how they are so happy in the moment, savoring every smell, every ball toss, every treat.  I learn a lot from them about living in the moment.

94 year old father faux sm

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My father is 94 and is showing beginning stages of alzheimers.  He lives with an 82 year old woman who has been his companion for 30 years or so, they are not married.  This woman has a 47 year old son that has a history of drug abuse, drug dealing and jail time.  He has no job and is currently in long term rehab for his drug addiction.  My father, when he was younger forbid this man to stay at his home.  However, this man conned his mother with "its cold outside, ill be homeless, im hungry" and she let him in on a temporary basis.  This was years ago.  Now that my father is in a weakend co