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It does rain in California, and today it was wet.  My two golden retrievers, Gatsby (because he's great) and Finnegan got to go for their park run and grass rub just prior to the dampness falling.  I ruminated this morning as I watched them run and play about how they are so happy in the moment, savoring every smell, every ball toss, every treat.  I learn a lot from them about living in the moment.  So as the day winds down, a day started with Bible reading, park running, steak cooking and mushroom cutting, and ending in tea making, old movie watching and fresh banana bread, I remember  that It's about the moments that make up the whole and today was full of good ones. Grateful to all for the comments and support in some of those moments of today.  Thank you.  :)


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Brings a bother great day. Sometimes the simplest of things are rewarding.

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yes it has been raining here in California!

Hopefully more on the way.

Our poochie, when he comes in from being outside a few moments acts like he has never seen us for a long time. He is so in that moment of not having us around...

Good solid nice moments to be had.