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Thing1's wedding....

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was amazing!  Asshat and Money-Ka were, true to form, complete assholes.

They didn't attend the rehearsal, no idea why, but they didn't.  Cut to the wedding day, and as I am running around the chapel helping Thing1 and his bride-to-be, I stop in the first row to grab my purse.  Only my purse is not where I left it.  There are several people in the chapel at this point, so I calmly lean over to Money-Ka and say "my purse was sitting here but I don't see it now, do you know where it is?" 

Thing1 is getting married!

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hi all - just popping by to tell those who remember the nicknames from my story that Thing1 is getting married!! 

He and his fiancee got engaged back in June and they will be married in October of this year.  Yes, my first question was "is she..." and the response was nope, they just wanna get married as soon as possible.

DH and I went to South Bend to meet her parents a few weekends ago.  They are lovely and the first thing her mom said to me was "soooo, did you ask if she was pregnant, because I sure did." 


Empty Nest, Round Two - OR - I just might miss her a little bit :-)

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I don't remember if I posted about this in the last year, but last August, BabyVoice went off to her freshman year in college.  CovidCollege, so only one kid in each dorm room, virtual classes, no social gatherings, socially distanced marching band practices and performances were only on YouTube.  Her school gave the kids the option to go home at Thanksgiving and remain remote, cancelling the dorm contracts if that decision was made.  

Meh - OR - when BV caught up with the Beast

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So - she got home super late last night because after she left the Beast's lair, she and BestFriend went to visit Auntie  Addict (you all remember her, I am sure, and she is no longer an addict, which is awsome) and her cousin.  

She came downstairs this morning and wanted to talk. Sort of.  

Me - hey, kiddo, how did it go yesterday?

BV - it was meh.  I don't want to talk about it, really.

Me - okay.  Hey, I am going in to the office today, fyi

BV- she gave me like the weirdest stuff

Me - like what?

And, they're off - OR - BV and BestFriend are off to BeastTown

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should be an interesting experience for BV today.  She and her friend just left for BeastTown, about a 2 hour drive from here.  Before she left, she said she would call me when she got there.  I told her she could text, as she said nope, she wants Beast to see her calling me - lol!

I asked her how she felt about going. 

BV-I really don't give a shit, really.

Me - so then why are you going?

BV - well, if she does have some things from my childhood, I want them and if she doesn't, then I want to call her a liar.

She rears her ugly head - OR - The Beast and BabyVoice

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Hello ladies and gents, it's been a minute since I have been around.  Here is an update...

I will preface this by saying that BV has turned into a lovely and caring young woman.  It has been interesting having her back in the house after her first semester at college, and I am very much looking forward to her return in the fall so that I may finally get my empty nest back, but that is really the only reason.

Yet another ASS update - OR - what did you say??

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So, Saturday afternoon, DH says to me, "ASS got in an accident this morning."  I ask for more information, you know, like, is he okay, what happened, blah blah blah.  

Turns out he was driving from Austin to Dallas to look for an apartment when he hit a patch of black ice on the freeway, spun out, hit a semi, and slammed into the median wall thing.  He is fine, airbags deployed, a few cuts and scratches, but otherwise fine. 

Long time no update - an ASS update is here!!

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When we last left off, ASS was  living in Austin, TX, working for Major Auto Company doing coding.    He was making a very decent salary.    That was last May.  

It will come as a surprise to no one that ASS and a big corporate structure weren't a good fit :-)  Mind you, ASS has been working remotely the entire time he has been in Austin, but he has found a new job in Dallas with a reasonably established start up - doing coding.  He has to pay back Major Auto Company about 6K of his moving/signing bonus, but his new salary will more than make up for that.

Thing2 Update...

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 Thing2  got a job as a Vaccine Scientist at a lab in  VA.    We found an apartment for him yesterday and we will head out on June 14th.    Luckily, there isn't much to move, as he can literally put his life in one very large suitcase, one carryon size suitcase and two duffel bags Smile