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Jeanette update

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Pretty uneventful - lol!

We mostly talked about how I am back to feeling that DH doesn't have my back and is doing a piss poor job of parenting Smile

Jeanette told him two things - making excuses for your kids is a good way to cripple them AND not having your wife's back will not end well for him.

Back to Jeanette we go...

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Because DH is sliding back into his excuse making crap behavior.  

Long story short, I inadvertently busted BabyVoice, who told DH she had done something she hadn't done.  I had no intention of busting her, I didn't know she lied to him, don't much care if she does since I am disengaged, but a comment I made in passing led to the discovery that she, in fact, had lied to him.

Quick update...oh, myyyyyyyyy...

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So, a few weekends ago, DH took BabyVoice and KarateKid up to ASS State to visit ASS. They went out to lunch and while they were driving, an ad for some kind of IBS medication came on the radio. KarateKid asked what IBS stood for and DH told him.

He then went on to say this - "I am surprised you guys didn't know what the meant since your mom had BabyVoice convinced she had IBS." Kids responded with various statements such as "oh yeah" and "I remember her getting so mad at you and WOB for not believing her."

Just realized something...

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I have been on this site for 7.5 years :jawdrop:

My, my, my...when I think back on all that has happened, in life and on this site, it's crazy. In life, my kids were teenagers when I first made my way here. Now they are adults, working, in grad school, raising their own families. I used to see the skids every other weekend and now I see them every single damn day. I have had two different jobs than the one I was working when I first came here. I wasn't married....

Medusa related chuckle :-)

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So, DH has decided that he wants the hearing transcripts from the motion to change custody back in January 2012 and the hearing regarding a show cause motion the following April (for those of you who are unfamiliar, that was the hearing we had due to Medusa not paying the fine that DH was awarded AND it took place just two days after we discovered that Medusa had been emailing the skids all kinds of terrible things including how to harm my beloved kitty Sheba).

So, this happened last weekend...

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So, DH took the skids to the hospital to see Teddy last Saturday. Teddy had an angioplasty done and a stent put in. She seems to be doing okay. He had LOTS to tell me when he got home. No, they didn't run into Medusa.

First, he found out who has been keeping in touch with Medusa. It's her Aunt Jeri, who is her father's sister. Medusa's sister, Karen, was at the hospital when DH and the skids were there and she told DH that Jeri got her ASS handed to her by Medusa's dad and stepmom when they found out that she was the one who contacted Medusa about Teddy.