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Grudgeholder, party of one, your table is ready...

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and insert eyeroll here...

I am working from home today and DH took a half day to finalize the eulogy for his dad that he has to give as well as wrap up a few loose ends before the funeral for his dad tomorrow.  As we were eating lunch, the following conversation took place:

Me - so, BabyVoice is coming home tonight, correct?

DH - yep, should be here around 7

Me - okay and KK and ASS will just meet us at the funeral home tomorrow?

DH - ASS isn't coming.  

Me - why not?

DH - he says that he can't be in the same room with you

Ugh - gonna have to see ASS at the end of the month

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So - DH's dad died yesterday morning.  It is a very long story, but I will try to shorthand it here.

13 years ago, DH's dad, I will call him RJ, had throat cancer.  Went through radiation, no chemo.  Radiation destroyed all the muscles in his neck.  He never had the PT/OT necessary to recover the strength in his neck muscles.  He just didn't want to do it, thinking that all it would do is prevent him from developing a widower's hump.  He was informed back then that it would do so much more than that, but he just couldn't be bothered with it, so he didn't do it. 

BabyVoice turns 21 today...

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When I found Steptalk (under my former name, see what I did there?) back in 2010, it was so hard for me to see this day coming, but it is here!  The last of my kids/skids is an adult!!!   She starts her senior year of college in the fall, and I gotta say,  way back when  DH got custody, I didn't think we would ever get here.

She is a good kid with a good head on her shoulders.  Great boyfriend, great job prospects, really looking forward to seeing what she does next.

DH is feeling very old today :-)  

KK and ASS update

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So, many of you remember that the Beast has two half sisters who have nothing to do with her.  They are in their mid 30s and we just love them.  They are  very close to the skids.  The younger aunt, we will call her Tricia, hosted a birthday party for her one year old son on Saturday.  DH and I didn't go  (I knew ASS would be there and told DH I wasn't interested in seeing him and he kinda agreed - lol) but ASS, KK and BabyVoice did.  Tricia posted pics on FB and it looked like a good time was had by all.  

The Beast is advertising for a room mate...

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so the Beast has a FB page that she mostly uses to sell crap in her local FB buy/sell groups.  I check it from time to time for kicks and giggles.  Right after we heard that ASS wanted to move in with KK, she posted for someone to give her a quote on a deep clean for a "prior tenant."  

Yesterday I was bored, so I took another look.  Now she is posting for a "roomie, male or female in a great location!"  

What's that smell? --OR---ASS moved in

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When we last left off, ASS had asked KarateKid to let him move into his spare bedroom.  DH had a chat with KK about it, but in the end, KK let ASS move in a week ago.  

The following conversation took place once DH told me that ASS had invaded KK's apartment:

WOB - well did you ask KK WHY he agreed to this?

DH - nope

WOB - oh.  Is ASS working?

DH - nope

WOB - is KK charging him rent?

DH - no idea

WOB - how long do you think this will last?

Welp, that didn't last long - an ASS story

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So, BabyVoice picked up ASS from the Beast's house (she stayed in the car and did not go in LOL) and they came to our town on Saturday.  Babyvoice came to our house, but she dropped ASS off at KarateKid's apartment.  She hung out her best friend Saturday while ASS and KarateKid did whatever it was that they did. 

ASS update - OR - what could possibly go wrong?

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Quick recap on ASS since he graduated from college.  He got a great job as a software engineer for a major auto company and he moved to Austin, TX.  Was making 65K.  Worked there for about a year and then left Austin for Dallas and a new job at a start up.  Was making about 100K.  Good for him, right?  DH flew down to Austin and helped him move to Dallas.  About 6 months later, he took another job with another start up and was making about 125K.  This job took him back to Austin, and DH helped him move again.

Letty's funeral update

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Welp - it seems as though the Beast has finally learned how to read the room.  She did not attend the funeral.  That's right, she didn't go.  

She did, however, text her sister, Auntie Addict (remember her?) to tell her that she was beyond furious that DH "not only stole my children from me, but stole my chance to grieve my grandmother, too."  Because of course she did - lol