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Wedding guest update :-)

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So, I get a phone call last night from Lori, Medusa's SM.  

L - there is no way in HELL that MY grandchildren will not be at that wedding!!

me - lol, is Kelly aware of this?

L - well, I just got off the phone with her and told her that since her father and I are paying for this shindig, she can either invite her nieces and nephews or she can finish paying for the f*cking wedding herself!

me - well, alrighty, then

What the what?? OR - is it just me, or is this odd?

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So, I told you guys about Kelly's upcoming wedding, Kelly being Medusa's half sister.  There are two children in the wedding party - the groom's daughter who is 9 and Kelly's nephew, Jackson,  who is also 9.   Jackson's mother is Medusa's full sister, or as you guys know her, Auntie Addict.   Auntie Addict is a bridesmaid.  Her daughter, Laura, is 15 and is very close to BabyVoice and her other son, Carlton, is the same age as ASS.  KarateKid is also in the wedding party, as an usher.

Let her eat cake - OR - it's my birthday, dude...

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So, my birthday was Saturday.  My dad sent me some lovely flowers, the kids sent me cards and even the skids had a card for me.  All very nice.  

So - I am super careful about food right now and sugar and gluten are NOT a part of my life, so no cake for me.  Which is fine because I am an adult and don't need a birthday cake Smile

Thing2, Asshat and tuition - update

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Man, oh man, Asshat is nothing if not consistent. 

He told Thing2  last week that he would "consider" loaning him the tuition money, but he first had to find out if he could get loans on his own.  Fair enough, I guess, although let's not forget that Thing2 went to Japan on the promise that Asshat would be covering tuition, but whatever.

Asshat update...

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Had dinner with DD27 and the baby last night.   My butt didn't even hit the chair when DD27 whips out her phone to show me the text message that started all of this nonsense.  It was a group chat between DD27, Thing1 and Asshat.  My suspicions were confirmed.

AH - hi guys I need to talk to both of you.  When is a good time to call.  We need to talk about Thing2

Thing1- ???  why do we need to talk about Thing2?  Is he okay?  Just facetimed with him yesterday and he seemed fine

DD27 - I have a one year old.  There's never a good time until she goes to bed.  8pm?

MOTHER EFFING ASSHAT - warning, this is long...

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Oh my DOG!   I can't even believe that I am about to tell you ladies about his latest fuckery, but here goes.

As you all know,  Thing2 is in Kyoto in graduate school.  When he went, the deal was his dad would pay for his tuition (5K a year), I would pay his rent ($400 a month) and he would get a part time job to cover his living expenses.  What he did not fully understand was the amount of time he would be spending in the research lab and so between his classes and his research, he is in for about 60 hours a week.  Not much time for that part time job.

Thing2 and the earthquake

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Woke up to learn that an earthquake happened in Osaka. Osaka is not far from Kyoto.Texted Thing2...

me - earthquake in Osaka?

T2 - yup Felt it here as a strong 5
that shit woke me up. good thing it wasn't stronger
because I was too comfortable and too dazed to seek 

me - Yikes!

T2 - up until something bad happens to me, I am an 
earthquake fan 


Eff Off Friday!!

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Eff off to the depression that one of my dear friends is going through right now

Eff off to my brother, who called me a piece of shit when I expressed genuine concern for him last night.  Won't do that again.

Eff off to having to work today, when I just really want to crawl back in bed and hide