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A long overdue ASS update

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Hi everyone -

trying to think where I last left off - ASS survived his internship and living in the city, but not before getting his car broken into a couple of times AND harrassed by the local criminals...

He headed back to CentralStateUniversity for his senior year.  A few weeks in, he texted DH to tell him that Major Automotive Company had made him an offer for a job post-graduation.  With a hefty $83,000 a year salary.  

That didn't take long...

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Just got this alert forwarded to me from DH.  It seems he has signed up a text service from the Detroit PD...guess who lives in the 1700 block of StreetMentionedBelow??  

DATE: 05/15/2019 09:11 AM

ASS being, well, an ASS...

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You guys may recall that DH's parents think I am the asshole when it comes to ASS...oh my, how things have changed.

ASS goes to StateUniversity and he has secured himself a great internship this summer at MajorCarMaker Company in CityJustOutsideDetroit  in the IT department doing programming.  It's a great gig that should turn into an offer, assuming he doesn't fuck it up.  Jury is still out on that, because, well, because he is an ASS.

When ASS met Medusa

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I recently learned that ASS met Medusa for lunch.  DH kinda hid that info from me, but it clearly got the best of him because the other night I went out to dinner with a friend and when I got home, DH pulled me into his office, told me to shut the door and then told me that he called ASS that morning to get some more details.  Turns out...

Is it just me...

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Is it just me or does anyone else think that it is odd that DH had to go to the gas station with BabyVoice to show her how to fill her tank?

She drives our old Volvo - there is a little button on the dash to open the filler door, and it's pretty self explanatory, right??  My DD27 drove this car, Thing2 drove this car and now it belongs to BabyVoice.  Pro tip - if you want a good used car for your kid, buy a Volvo.  That thing had 100K miles on it when we bought it in 2010 and it was a 2006 model.  That bad girl is still running great!!  

Medusa is searching...

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for KarateKid.

Each month on the 11th, I check her FB profile.  She has it locked down pretty tight, but she has recently liked a new page.  The page is called KarateKid'sFirstName, KarateKid'sLastName Game Designer.  Now, it's perfectly clear from that page that this is NOT KarateKid, but apparently, Medusa doesn't know that/

I screen shotted it to DH, whose response was "ugh, she's searching for him.  Unfortunately for her, that's not him."

Ugh is right - this is a new development, as this "like" wasn't there on September 11th, the last time I checked her page.

Will she or won't she?

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So, I signed up for the United States Postal Service Informed Delivery service, which means that each morning, I get an email with the images of what's coming in the mail today.  I both love and hate this service, but that's a story for another day.  

Just got the email and saw the image that made me throw up in my mouth a little bit - a letter from the MedusaCounty Income Review Unit.   

Wedding guest update :-)

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So, I get a phone call last night from Lori, Medusa's SM.  

L - there is no way in HELL that MY grandchildren will not be at that wedding!!

me - lol, is Kelly aware of this?

L - well, I just got off the phone with her and told her that since her father and I are paying for this shindig, she can either invite her nieces and nephews or she can finish paying for the f*cking wedding herself!

me - well, alrighty, then

What the what?? OR - is it just me, or is this odd?

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So, I told you guys about Kelly's upcoming wedding, Kelly being Medusa's half sister.  There are two children in the wedding party - the groom's daughter who is 9 and Kelly's nephew, Jackson,  who is also 9.   Jackson's mother is Medusa's full sister, or as you guys know her, Auntie Addict.   Auntie Addict is a bridesmaid.  Her daughter, Laura, is 15 and is very close to BabyVoice and her other son, Carlton, is the same age as ASS.  KarateKid is also in the wedding party, as an usher.