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Looking for Book Recommendations

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Hi all! 

I noticed when I google "I am being emotionally abused my my adult stepdaughter," there are no books. 

This abuse is surprising very common and I can't find any books to read about it. 

On a post note, I am doing quite well. I took everyone's advice in here and removed myself from her drama. It was a bit easier for me because she is in her mid twenties and lives states away. 

But, I would like literature to read to further educate myself in this topic. 

DHs ex still has FB profile pictures of them together.

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I hope I am wrong. But, I feel really weird that my husband's ex girlfriend (who had a relationship with my adult SKs) still has at least thirty FB profile pictures of them as a couple for the public to see. We have a minor child and he asked me why this woman has pictures of his stepdad on her profile pictures. It's weird and I don't know how to deal with it. I assumed once we were married she would end the drama. But, we have been together three years and married for nearly six months and the old couple photos are still there. I swear I am not an insecure woman.

SD Death Threat

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I have a stepmom friend who has an evil adult SD. She actually threatened to kill her to her face. She handled it much better than I would have. I honestly would have said, "Please try, so I can take you down first." I would have called the police and filed charges against her. That SD has to be mentally ill because no sane person would threaten another humans life. Mental illness runs in the family and the adult SD is a spoiled brat. I knew sharing this would sicken many but make a lot of you feel better. At least our lives have not been threatened.