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"I forgot to say goodbye to him this morning"

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Someone was knocking at the door and I opened it and it was BM.

She said can I see SS13 as I forgot to say goodbye to him this morning and he's gone straight to your house (he is at our house this weekend).

DH came out and said this isn't a really a reason to come to our house to see him. BM said I can't spend the weekend without having said goodbye properly in the morning because I won't see him for three days and I need to give him a hug and a kiss.


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Today we figured out that SS13 is playing the system. 

DH got an angry text from BM yesterday saying she wanted to speak to him, so he went over today and had a chat. 
BM was very angry and said she wanted us to stop bad-mouthing her behind her back, stop giving SS13 whatever he wants. He always goes on about how amazing life at Dad's is,  how Dad doesn't make him do anything. BM said she's sick and tired of hearing about us and just wishes SS13 would live with us full time if we're so amazing. 

I'm starting to hate my stepson and I don't want to

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I'm a stepmom of 3 children, and the youngest is 13. I have no biological children of my own.

My husband and the childrens' mother separated 6 years ago and the divorce was finalised 2 years ago. My husband and I met 4 years ago when he was going through court proceedings with the divorce. We have been married for about 18 months now.