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I figured out that I don't have a husband anymore....

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That's right it finally dawned on me that I dont have a husband any more. When we first got married I thought I had it all, loving husband, great relationship, awesome family...married my best friend!!!

Now I dont have a husband, friend or lover....I have a room mate that spilts the bills with me.

His daughter has managed to take my place as the friend and companion, they hang out together and have long talks,go to dinner, movies and shopping together....we live seperate lives!!

The Drama continues......

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The drama continues.....I have three SD's. SD25 has been fairly close to me for the last couple of years. She has been venting to me about how she feels about her dad and her 1/2Sister very vocally going so far as to encourage me to Divorce their Dad because of the bullshit that DH and SD15 put me through. Now the tables are turned and she hates me and has refused to come to our home for Christmas w/ the grandchild. She is now buddies with the SD15 (her 1/2 Sister) and they are both making my life hell. SD15 spends every waking moment up DH's ass and it drives us all crazy!!!

Step daughters succeeding in destroying marriage

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So, I'm new at this blogging thing but I'm at my wits end and felt having a place to vent and a venue of other people in my same circumstances might keep me sane.

I have three step-daughters. I also have three children of my own. The three youngest are still at home, my daughter 15 yrs, my step-daughter 14 yrs, and my son 9 yrs.