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The Drama continues......

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The drama continues.....I have three SD's. SD25 has been fairly close to me for the last couple of years. She has been venting to me about how she feels about her dad and her 1/2Sister very vocally going so far as to encourage me to Divorce their Dad because of the bullshit that DH and SD15 put me through. Now the tables are turned and she hates me and has refused to come to our home for Christmas w/ the grandchild. She is now buddies with the SD15 (her 1/2 Sister) and they are both making my life hell. SD15 spends every waking moment up DH's ass and it drives us all crazy!!! Now I have to pack up my family and march over to the Mom-in-laws to spend christmas with a bunch of drama filled hateful people, that will make us feel uncomfortable and unwelcome!!! When is enough enough????

It doesn't matter what I say or what I do I'm the problem and I'm the liar!!! I have a whole years worth of Facewbook chat with the SD25 that would show her Dad just how mean, rude and hateful she is toward him and the SD15....(I need a court orderto get it)!!!! I've threatened to get that court order just to prove to him what a piece of work he's got and that I'm not the person he needs to be blaming!!! But I honestly feel that even in black and white written dialoge he would still find a way to put this on me!!!



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AHHHH I wouldn't go...Espicially if my husband isnt even going to stick up for me....I go to my in-laws where I only like my father-in-law..I stay with all the men because the women are horrible...I am the talk of all of them but the men love me and my husband loves I stay with him....but if he didn't I really would say you go there I'll go to my family and we will meet at home afterwards...