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Baby Goggles, Disney Dad and Light Bulbs

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I thought I was doing something wrong. Why all of a sudden was I the intended target of all the tears, hate, anger, rage and insecurities that these children had? I couldn't figure out the exact moment when I went from being the sweet, loving girlfriend to the hated step monster. I literally woke up one day as Public Enemy #1.

Things I wish someone would have told me BEFORE I fell down the rabbit hole....

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1. Having a blended family is 100% harder the second time around than it was the first. #thebradyssuck
2. You will became public enemy number from the day you say I do.
3. Inlaws may hate their ex daughter-in-law, but she gave them their grand kids. Never forget that.
4. His kids are not my kids. My kids are not his kids. Don't kid yourself, otherwise.
5. His baggage and your baggage are not a matching set. Be prepared to travel with them throughout your marriage. You can't throw it out and buy new.