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BM the mistress's picture

BM is currently a mistress of a married guy. The married guy is living with BM currently and  is around SD often. This guy is under investigation for Domestic Violence. The guys wife already knows about BM and is filing for divorce and they have kids. DH was thinking about reaching out to the wife to get more info about this guy since hes around SD so much. Would anyone hesitate getting in touch with the wife?  DH is concerned he may be dangerous.

Can there be a court order to provide work schedule?'s picture

SD9 has made some statements that make it seem like BM may have a new schedule as nightshift. DH asked BM about her schedule as he thinks SD shpuld be here for overnights. She goes to school here in our district/county per a court order. BM lives 30 min away and they share week on off 50/50. BM told DH her work schedule is none of his business and she doesn't have to provide him with any information. Can DH get a court order that they have to disclose their work hours to eachother?

Stepkid wants other family (BM side) to be around new sibling.'s picture

I have posted a little about this before and many people responded about how the newness would wear off. It hasn't. We have 50/50 weekly timeshare. SD9 still talks about how she wants her BM to watch our son (almost 2yo) at her other house. Trys to carry him to the front door every time BM picks her up. Trys to walk off with him over to BM and that side of the family at her extracurricular events. SD once even took bioson over to her BM grandpa and tried to make bioson hug her grandpa and made bioson cry because he doesn't know those people!

Innapropriate clothing for SDs's picture

Do some BMs just strive to turn their daughters into trashy girls. I think that this bathing suit is horrible and can't believe it was even made, but the parents who buy it are even more disturbing. SD9 has this, compliments of her BM. All I can imagine purchasing this is "let me display you to creepy old men and turn you into a stripper"

When CO lists holiday time, but another CO event falls on same time?'s picture

I was looking at the calendar and the CO states DH gets the week of Spring Break from school release to the return to school. However Easter falls on the last weekend of Spring break this year and the CO states BM has easter weekend. Do we need to go back to court to modify? Which takes precedence?

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What happens when the Court Order specifies a pickup location, but BM always says SD will be at XYZ location (whichever inconsistent babysitter she left SD with), and if DH wants to see her he can go to random location to pick up SD? This is a violation correct? How can we stop it from happening?

Clothing too small for SD's picture

I've posted here before about taking kids shopping with you or not and got some good feedback. Now I have another issue. I've talked to SD about proper fit for clothing and how the right size looks cute. For whatever reason she wants everything to fit tight and small. She looks ridiculous. She is STB10 years old just finished 3rd grade and she is tall but can fit in slim sizes.

Medically fragile babysitter. Is this negligence?'s picture

SD has mentioned that GBM has been in the hospital several times this year. She has cancer, had a stroke, broken arm, fainted a few times and drinks wine a lot(SD words). SD9 said that her mom is planning on using GBM as the summer babysitter. It seems highly negligent to leave a child in the care of someone this medically fragile. BM has several older family members (great aunts, uncles, etc.) Some on oxygen that she has a history of leaving SD with. Obviously because they're not working and available, but don't seem very capable. Is there anything we can do to stop this?