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lorazepam vs alprazolam

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I'm doing prep work for trial on bm med records. Have I said lately how much I love our atty? Anyway... Does anyone know if going from.5mg lorazepam is an increase or a decrease from .25mg alprazolam?

Anyone take these. Does one work better than the other? Thinking maybe I should get a scrip, ha.


Happy thanksgiving! I'm thankful to still be kicking, to battle bm another day, for you friends, and love... life would be nothing without love!

Why do men cheat - list - what else?

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what other excuses are out there that men give for cheating on their spouse - whether is was physical or just emotional texting and emails.

They're assholes
sex additiction
mid-life crisis
feel too tied down
lonely at home
wife got fat
wife turned into a nag
wife stopped being fun
wife is all about work
wife is all about kids
what else?

I'm evil. Need to vent. Don't judge me.

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I have a friend, she's really a friend of a friend of a cousin or something. I don't really know her but we met a few years ago and she poured her entire life story out... one of those. we're fb friends but never see each other.

anyway it's October. and she's got all this SURVIVOR stuff all over her fb and here's the thing... she didn't ever HAVE breast cancer or any other cancer. she had a needle biopsy once 20 years ago and they told her there was the tiniest 'pre-cancer' they'd ever seen.

Some fun on a cold Saturday afternoon! What would you put in a prenup if you could do it all over??

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My brothers wife is an atty and was telling us about a crazy couple writing a prenup that includes things like mandatory back rubs, a fine for nagging or name calling... What would be fun things to put into a prenup if you could require anything at all?

I'm thinking....

Keep the car filled with gas
Once one says no 5 times the question can never come up again! This is in reference to certain sexual acts... sigh
If you're late for dinner you have to clean up

writing letter to husband female co-worker

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She's a bit too close. Flirty. Inappropriate touching, giggling. She is a teeny tiny little blonde. They text, about work...the occassional what's up. innocent enough, but I'm not going to sit back and let something happen under my nose.

I want direct, clear, unemotional.

Something like...

Dear amy, back the fuck off my husband or yours will get a phone call lickety split and you will get a vp to the moon.


Seriously I've never been jealous of anyone but her. I'm certain they haven t done anything but how do I nip it now?

so done with freaking skids and the bm.

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I've been kinder than you know, more compassionate than you imagine. I have morals, integrity and spirit.I know shallow childish hurt, and deep adult hurt, and have walked. away. from both, singed. I believe it's important to always be learning, from others, from your mistakes, and to admit these. I've forgiven lies, threats, being taken advantage of, stolen from. to get through the next holiday. I've turned the other cheek to another slap, spit, shove, and other disrespectful acts, to make it through the next visit.