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True or False... Words from My Shrink

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Not sure if my shrink was speaking exclusively to the motives and/or behavior of my husband but last night he said:

"You 's self worth is reflected in how well does, or appears to do in life..."

To some extent I would think this is true but the follow up was basically (not verbatim) "at the expense of everything else including his marriage, his finances, his household contributions, etc".

Thoughts from the crowd?

Bitch-o-fest <Over and Out>

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I'm not a Bio Mom. I thought I wanted to be. But not since I now understand the parenting tactics of my husband.

Yes, my SS21's BM birthed him and them pretty much went missing. I didn't enter his life until his teens but have covered most expenses for
Dad an SS since then.

I figure at a minimum my husband could have said "Happy Wicked Step Mother's Day".

Yeah, that didn't happen.

Not Going to Kiss your 21YO Kid's Behind - Admitted Rant

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On the Never-ending Story of “you hate my kid”, you need to drop it. I’ve said this before. This will be the last time.

I’m sure SS21I'm is brilliant.

I’m sure he works his ass off at school and makes great grades (not that I’ve been privileged to see them despite my contribution to paying almost all of his tuition).

I’m sure he’s going to graduate and make 100K/year (BTW, how’s that summer job making $30/h that I lined up trying to help him out work out as it’s already May? Ooops, I forgot... he he had to "think about it")

Next topic:

Unemployed Spouse - And SS Kid's Bills

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'd like to gut feel reactions on this...

I make a lot more money than my husband. Totally okay with that from start. I make more money, he's got a kid who doesn't appreciate me at all (I have paid for him to live for years and have never received a single birthday card. The deal was that "Sure, you make more money... I'

Learning to Settle In

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I've been "lurking" on this site for some time... I would really like some guidance from someone who's been around the block a few more times than I have.

I am newly engaged to a fantastic man that I have known for a few years. We have been blissfully happy since we reconnected last year. We dated a few years ago but neither was in a space to "settle in"... but we finally ended up in the same city again, etc.