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Bitch-o-fest <Over and Out>

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I'm not a Bio Mom. I thought I wanted to be. But not since I now understand the parenting tactics of my husband.

Yes, my SS21's BM birthed him and them pretty much went missing. I didn't enter his life until his teens but have covered most expenses for
Dad an SS since then.

I figure at a minimum my husband could have said "Happy Wicked Step Mother's Day".

Yeah, that didn't happen.


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Maybe he's informed and waiting till StepMothers day which is next week?

I know you'll be holding your breath now for that one.

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It won't kill DADDEE to acknowledge your dedication ,sacrifice, caring and financial support with a little THANK YOU for being an EFFING GREAT SM!

Time to put Daddee AND Junior outta that fine feathered crib you set them up .
Let them both go live in that craptastic slum lord dump and eat cold ,stale pizza for their three squares.
You know you are a great SM. And caring , all around good person.

The gravy boat has beached. Got it.
Easy fun time for dad and SS are o.v.e.r.

NOW practice being a real , fire breathing bitch.

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Hi Ladies... that you for all this. I did sent a really nice flower arrangement to MY step mother for Step Mother's Day. And I bought MYSELF a Step Mother's Day gift. I'm off to the spa!

Love you all!