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My Bio S19, graduates high school in May. He's decided to take the ASVAB. 

I'm nervous and excited for him at the sametime. 

Any tips for him? Other than studying? He's begun taking the online practice tests to prepare and so far has done really well. He's taking it this Saturday at the high school. Which I encouraged him to do, as I felt taking it in a recruiting office may make him nervous and he may not score as well.

He's interested in either Air Force or Coast Guard. We've done some reading and these 2 branches are also the most difficult to enter.

One week later...SD19 needs money

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And I knew it. DH opened that door when we ran into SD19 while grocery shopping. I deleted previous posts with the history on this. 


DH text me at work yesterday afternoon. "SD19 wants to borrow $50"

For what? 

She's moving, has to pay a deposit.

A $50 deposit? (...already loosing its credibility..)

No, she has to pay for a background check.

OHHH Okay...(makes more sense now..)

So I asked DH, she said she's bringing home $450/week...whats she doing with her money?

I don't know, she just needs the $50 now to get this done. 

OT - Chiropractic care

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DH saw a Chiropractor last week. He's been on Cloud 9. Feels great, etc etc. His hip was shattered years ago and he's uncomfortable lately and this seems to have helped him tremendously. So he's encouraged me to go too. I have lower back pain often. I had an issue when during labor with BS19 and during delivery heard a loud pop from my tailbone. Ever since I have dealt with back pain. It comes and goes but I can aggravate it easily. I went to a Chiropractor many years ago but found the relief to be very temporary.

I've decided to lay low..

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As always, I get some really great advice from the group. I may not always agree, but I do take every comment/suggestion and think them over. This page has offered me a wealth of clarity over the years that I cannot find anywhere else. Even close friends are just not helpful. Maybe a listening ear, but as far as problem solving..its just really tough unless you are in the trenches of this crazy step-world.


No mention of SD19..thank you Jesus!!

notsobrady's picture bioS19  was home when I got in yesterday. Saw the Valentine chocolates on the table and asked where they came from. I told him SD19 came by to visit and drop of DH's Christmas gift and she brought the chocolates as well. He asked how that I briefly gave him a summary. He said "Did she tell you what she did on New Years Eve?" I said No, why...

He saw on Roomie's snapchat pictures of SD19 and roomie and a handful of guys all smoking weed and drinking.  

Not a shocker.

So I've kept this info to myself.

Should I tell what BS19 saw or let it go?

And I do believe the circus has come to town..

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And I knew it would happen eventually..but dang!!!

Came in last night from work, got started on dinner and DH rolls in.

Said he spoke to SD19. I asked, "She called you?" No...DH called her.. Ok, cool. To discuss what she wants for Christmas. Good grief! Give her 50 bucks and call it done. Why is this a big deal???

My suggestion.."Why don't you pay to get her hair fixed?" (because she looks like shit..) 

No, supposedly thats what GMA is doing for her...Oh. Okay.

Then the next sentence>

"I guess SD19 wants to go on VACATION WITH US."

No word if SD19 is actually pregnant or not..

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And I'm certainly not stirring the pot. 

SD19 called and spoke to DH Christmas day. We were out of state and I was glad as I personally didn't want to deal with her...

She began this whiny conversation with DH "All I want is to do spend a day with youuuuuuu.."

Good grief...

And to my surprise, DH lit into her. Not crazily, but come on..grow up. 

She was fishing for attention and it bit her in the butt.

Welllllll word thru social media is Runaway is prego

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DH is out of town. My kids and I were out to dinner and on the way back my son saw a post thru Snapchat. Or I guess it's called a Snap ????
Anyway, it was from the girl she currently lives with stating baby on the way for 2020 and then showed a pic of SD19.

Fan Freaking Tastic.

Part of me REALLY hopes this is a bad joke. Part of me is sick to my stomach.

So do I share this info with DH or let this unravel on its own? I have been disengaged and do not want any part of this. My gut is telling me to keep quiet but if it were my kid, I would want DH to tell me.

Runaway update...sort of

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So the latest on SD19 is that she's still working at the chicken plant, lives with 2 other girls in what DH describes as "a shit hole trailer", has a shared checking account with BFF and also shares a car with same BFF. BFF's fam co-signed on the car and I have no idea about car insurance..

We never hear from her whatsoever. (Thank you Jesus!)