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Oh boy. Sometimes the SDs are chatty cathys.

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We had family Christmas on Sunday with DH's mom's side of the family. Sometimes the skids show up, sometimes they don't. They all did this time, including the 21 year kid SS is living with. Which was pretty funny because BM's family was having a family Christmas, too, OSD didn't even tell BM she was here (she lives a state away), MSD said she had to "work" but mysteriously didn't go. I have no idea what SS said, I have been avoiding him. However, the kid he lives with and BM are like besties (she has no friends that are over 21 unless you count family) so I am sure she was pissed.

Really?! Advice from The Evil Stepmother Speaks

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Hi Lu,
How can such a smart man be so stupid when it comes to his children and his ex? Okay...I won't ask you if you have ever had that thought. Let me re-phrase the question another way:

How an such a smart man be so weak when it comes to his children and his ex?

Either way, I'd like to offer another way of framing the answer to this question.