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Court Day

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Today My DH and HCBM are in court to modify te original court order. On my previous post I explained how she moved out of the city, well she came back because it didn't work out for her and her husband.


We are trying to whip CS, my SS spends more time with us than with her. Also modify the shcedule before he starts school.

Let's see how everything goes... She was already giving my DH signs of how crazy she will act in court, trying to change a few items minutes before their name was call to court...

Keep us in your prayers.

Update on HCBM moving

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So, as I shared on my last post. HCBM sent DH a text last month telling him she was moving 2 hours away the next day she sent the text (no 60 days notification like is stipulated in the CO) 

She proposed to have my SS every other week, which my DH didin't agreed. He went and filed for a change in my SS schedule and they have the court hearing in December.

Well well well...

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Let me give you a little background on the court order agreement:

So My husband and HCBM had their court agreement signed at the begining of the year.  DH is the residential parent, they have shared custody and 50-50 time with SS (barely happens, we ussually have my SS more time) My husbnad pays her child support and pays for EVERYTHING for my SS, including babysitter even when is her time. She doesn't work and my husband makes good money. BM or DH can't  move out of the county where we live.

MIL in the middle

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I need an advise on how to handle my MIL telling my husband things about me and my actions as a SM.

The other day I went to the bathroom while my son(4 YO) and SS(almost 5 YO) were in my bedroom watching tv. When I got out of the bathroom I found my SS twerking in the back of my son. I was so mad, angry, frustrated becasue this is not the first time we see this type of behaviors in my SS. He has older brothers on his mom's side and he had mention a few times that he learned that from them.