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Need outside perspective on sticky situation

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So my step sons mom is not someone who makes coparenting easy. Every week she has to do something to my step son to make him cry everytime he is in our care. Court order says that step son can only stay the night with us every other weekend, and on Wed and Thurs we get him till a certain time. Well a year ago his mom started dating someone and said we could switch the schedule to where on our weekends, that Wed and Thurs he can stay the night with us. Well last week I guess he told his cousins on his mom side that when two people kiss they are having sex.

Podcast recommendations?

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Recently started getting into podcasts. Currently listening to kick ass step mom podcast. Which I recommend for you all! But would love some new channels to look into to if any of you want to mention some I would highly appreciate it :) 

Thank you!!

Why do I do this to myself

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So last night my step sons mom cals my husband and says, "Can you watch my other son for me while we're on vaction next week?" (she's referring to her dog) My husband says hell no and she tells him I'll pay you please I don't have any other options. He continues to tell her no and gets off the phone. Tells me the convo and me being the friendly person and dog lover I am say, "I'll do it!!" So I tell him text her and tell her I'll talk care of him for the week they'll be gone.

Baby mama drama don't wanna

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So my husband and I have been together for 4 years. I have an 8 year old son and so does he. They get along great and I am thankful for that. Also thankful for my relationship with my step son. His mother on the other hand is a whole other story. She is the type that if she cant have her ex then no one can. I was not the women after her, years had passed since their split and all I wanted was a good relatioship with her for their son.