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Back into the maelstorm

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It has been three years since my dipshit SD46 walked in front of a train, lost her hand, entire arm and one leg. My husband has scraped a life together for her by sheer will. She is currently destroying everything he put together for her as fast and as viciously as possible. She is doing street drugs, not getting her psych drug shots, being vicious and nasty to everyone who tries to help her. He has continued to go down and stay there for a day or two every 2 weeks.

Husband on #3784th attempt to “fix” daughter

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My SD45 has been a drug addict for 25 years. My husband had pretty much disengaged except for occasional phone calls. Then 2 years ago, the dipshit walked in front of a train. Lost arm hand and one leg. Since then he has been killing himself trying to make her responsible and self sufficient. He helped her get a place, found someone to live with her to help at night and do some daytime HSSI hours.