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The big 18.

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The SD's turn 18 on the 24th and they have planned a trip to the beach to go fishing in the bay. DH got tickets and everything. Its been full on ignore mode in the house here with them. Miniwife has been more annoying with the baby talking and planning. She has to know eveything that is going on in the house. DH tells her when, what time, who and what. He then expects me to know whats going on but I dont bc communication.

Visit or pick up?

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My question today is, What constitutes a "Visit" and " Pickup"? 

Am I being petty? Hhhhhh, its spring break here and Mini wife has nothing to do over the break. SD (17) went with her bf yeaterday. Clueless (17) is here the rest of the week bc of driving class Why they are open during the break is beyond me. I would think they would factor that kids really need to get a break and their families in general. 

Like nails on a chalk board

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My SD is 17 on the verge of 18 in 3 weeks. She talks like a baby and I am ready for her to leave. It has always driven me crazy. I taught pre-k for 10 years and never has any child baby talked. If they did it was never in school. There were a few times where the gilrs tried being cute with me and I told them I only responded to big girls, babies were in the baby room drinking their bottles and getting thier diapers changed. Needless to say they stopped immediatley. That and having the other kids giggle at the thought. 

New to the group

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Hello all, I have been a SM for 9 years now. My husbad is a widower. His wife passed away in 2011 and he was in a previous relationship before we got together. I have 2 boys who are 19 and 20. He has a son who is 19 and twin girls who are on the verge of 18 come next month. We have had every discussion, every disagreement anyone could have in a blended family.