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Like nails on a chalk board

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My SD is 17 on the verge of 18 in 3 weeks. She talks like a baby and I am ready for her to leave. It has always driven me crazy. I taught pre-k for 10 years and never has any child baby talked. If they did it was never in school. There were a few times where the gilrs tried being cute with me and I told them I only responded to big girls, babies were in the baby room drinking their bottles and getting thier diapers changed. Needless to say they stopped immediatley. That and having the other kids giggle at the thought. 

Today DH and I are headed out for the evening and my sister will be home or she will work. As usual minimom is already planning their day. My sister is still asleep bc she worked late. She mentioned in passing that she wanted to do somthing with them. She never stated what it was. Miniwife has taken charge , and sister is like," Where are we doing? Did dshe say we were going tho the movies?" Miniwife, " Well she said she wanted to do something. Im sure its the movies. She didnt say what it was but that has to be it." 

They talk about it in depth and plan. Talking about movie optoions and which theather. Mind you my sister is not made of money. I have yet to even talk to my sister. No one ever asked a parent about anything. DH is sitting there and says nothing. I am supposed to ignore all of this as yet another person in my family has yet again left me out. Hooray. 

I do not want them talking to them to her any more. I feel like shes my sister and they shouldnt be talking to her about things they should be talking to me about. My sister has told them to talk to me about stuff but they dont.  They use her as a place to vent about me. The try to get her work against me and they tell her all the problems. I know its good for them to get things out, yet, they now dont say anythung to me. At this point Im damed if I do or dont. I used to get them things and Id really listen to what they wanted so I tried really hard and they responded with eye rolling, disgust and still talked badly about me. SO i am trying to find balance and not engage but I dont like my sister stepping in to save them.


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My sisterlives with us. She is on disability and works part time. I thinkits too much for er but shes stubborn. Shes a great aunt but I feel like these girls are taking advantage of her. They know all have to do is ask and she will oblige. 

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That baby voice is so creepy. I would not allow that, either.

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SDs used to do this too and I hated it. I just pretended I couldn't understand them until they spoke normally.

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Is SD infantilized in other ways, too? From my experience, people keep doing weird/abnormal/annoying things because they are getting some kind of reward from it. Does your DH respond better to her when she uses the baby voice?

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DH would do what she wanted in the past. We are going to counseling and now he see what shes doing. There are however a lot of times where he just doesnt want to deal with it, so she can weeks or months baby talking. She baby talks at her grandparents house and with their aunt on DH's side. She uses it as a way of getting out of trouble too. Everytime I say '" What? I cant understand you." or " Normal voice." she gets super pissed.  

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A teen, we would have been all over like stench on crap for plying a baby voice.

Call her on it, in real time, regardless of who is present, every single time she does it.


Point it out to everyone present with her standing there. 'Don't mind her everyone. She does the nauseating baby voice to get attention.'

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When you respond to SD you should use your baby voice. Show SD how dang annoying she is. 

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Have you ever recorded her talking like that and played it back to her to show her just how ridiculous she is when she does that?

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I tried!! Its hard to be nochalant about it while everyine is in the room. I wish I had a camera on me all the time so I could show her! It is insane. She knows when she does it bc she catches herself when shes talkng to other people outside of the house. Her face is like "Opps! Wrong voice!" and she switches over. She baby talks with her sister too. Sometimes her sister does it if they are left for long periods of time together. Then I have to tell them both to stop.