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okay, sd9 IS a little bit of a drama queen. i get that. she can really ham it up...what makes that worse is that BM is an idiot. for real. in the last 12 months they have taken her to the emergency room 11 different times. sd9 has no medical problems, she is a healthy, active, (dramatic) 9 year old girl. one time they took her to the emergency room because she fell off a swing at the playground. geez!!! kids fall people! they fall off bikes, they get bruises! unless something is seriously wrong, you don't rush them to the ER and then keep them out of school for a few days!

question for everyone....if you could go back in time

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and do it all over again...would you? to be involved with a man that was emotionally wrecked from divorce...dealing with bm's...dealing with sk issues, cs,....all the drama and the fights and everything that goes along with it. is your love for your husband so unique and special and you're so certain you could never have that with anyone else....has it made it all worth it. and how many of you went into this relationship having never been married and having no children of your own? i just really want to know how many of you would do it all over again.

am i a selfish brat?

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so i'm not officially a step parent so i hope i'll still be welcomed here!! i'm 29 and i've been dating a man for the last year and a half who has two children from a previous marriage. a nine year old daughter and a 3 year old son. it's very serious and we do talk about marriage, and although i do love him i want to take it REALLY slow, because the last year and a half has been a huge learning experience for me! i have never dated a divorced man before, nor a man who had any children.