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I called it!

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Too many years of adult status by DH and being stifled by BM(think 10 pm curfew for an 17 year old who has already graduated high school and has an associates degree. Also not being allowed to get a second ear lobe piercing). I knew after SD18 (as of a few days ago) turned 18, she and her mother were going to butt heads big time! The first thing she did that day was get a tattoo and a cartilage piercing.

No surprise here...

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It's been over a month since the huge blowup between DH and SD13 (see previous entry

BM kept them away during DH's parenting time last week (his lawyer is ready to nail her to the wall since it's all in writing!) Tonight should have been his regular weekend. Surprise! SD13 is still being a brat and refusing to come and SD15 is so whipped by her mom and sister that she says she only wants to come for one night.

Bad ending to the weekend....

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Hey all! I hope your weekend ended better than mine.  It was a skids weekend (of course) and due to SD15 springing a honor society Habitat for Humanity she had to go to on Saturday on us on Wednesday, we had already had to cancel plans to go to a car show at a local vineyard. These plans had been made with my parents for weeks. Sad Suffice to say, I was pissed, but made the best of the situation by getting a major outdoor project done.

Probably shouldn't have said it....

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But I did!

Fitch came to pick up the girls and needed DH to sign a paper for food stamps. Last year she told him it was the last time she would need him to do it and she started trying to say how it would be the last time THIS time. I lost patience and just told him to go ahead and sign it so she could continue to leech of those of us with jobs. She didn't like that, but it felt so good to say! }:)

Chronologically age 12- maturity level age 6

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I am getting so sick of the spoiled brat attitude SD12 (supposedly her biological age) is getting away with! Last night, we picked her and SD14 to take SD14 out for her birthday dinner. This weekend during the regular visitation, we will celebrate SD14’s birthday with presents, etc. Well, this year, she decided she wanted a peanut butter pie instead of a cake. No problem. I’ll make whatever they choose as their favorite. The problem is that SD12 doesn’t like peanut butter. Up until last night, she didn’t know about the pie. Until DH opened his big mouth…