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Funny for the day!

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Just a short story to give everyone a laugh for the day!


Apparently, when DH wrote out the CS check this month, he wasn’t thinking and ended it with “1” instead of “5”. Well, this morning, he gets a call from Fitch (BM) that the CS check was $4 short and he had “better mail [me] a check for the rest this week!”.  He said he would just add it to next month’s payment, but she said that she wasn’t willing to wait. Her impatience is going to bite her in the ass. DH originally was going to let a few medical expenses go from last year instead of bugging her for what she owes (a little over $200). Guess who’s going to be getting copies of those receipts in the same envelope as the check?  Diablo


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Gotta love it and the sheer pettiness is absolutely ridiculous!

Does she not have sh!t else better to do but complain about $4


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The problem is that she will call him constantly and he doesn't want to talk to her or even have to see her number pop up. Forcing her to pay will be a lot more effective and will hurt her a lot more. She feels she should never have to pay DH even if it's legally required! Lol