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Just ended my 5 year relationship/engagement

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After a 5 year relationship, 3 of those years engaged, I finally ended my unhealthy relationship.  The hard thing is when it wasn’t his kids weekend we were ok, so what I thought but the arguing got worse, and my daughter that’s 10 took notice.  She has had a lot of depression lately.  Not just blue feelings but a lot of depression.  I found out after talking to her about her feeling of is splitting she was so happy to have him and the kids out of our lives!

Feeling resentful with my fiancé and soon to be step children!

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I met my fiancé almost 4 years ago. He has 4 children, and 2 ex wives. I have 1 daughter, and I've been divorced from her father for 6 years. When we first blended our families we encountered the usual problems. It seemed like anytime I wanted to correct something or address an issue with his children, mine was then targeted for anything she does wrong even if it was months ago.