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Don’t even know how to title this

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As mentioned before, we are moving.

SS has the history of just throws some random things in a box (trash included) then seal it and consider it done. We told him not to seal a box that's not full (also don't use the largest box for all the books, common sense you'd think). But of course he doesn't give a f.

today he filled and sealed 3 boxes only 1/3 full and wanted to argue why I shouldn't task him to repack. He had the audacity saying taking his break time is like I cut his pay. Mind you, he's been having breaks because it's already summer break and no one was monitoring what he was doing (not that I want to do that either). I hate that he thinks about only himself as none of us needs any boxes. I said he can pay for his own boxes if that's how it is gonna go, surprisingly he didn't want to do that.

what really pissed me off is he wanted to argue how it was unfair for him to do work. Oh like it is fair that his mom doesn't need to deal with all this bullshit? I'm really close to ship all his packed shit to his mom along with this kid.

oh and his bday is coming so I am supposed to be happy for him too. As if being born is such an achievement. 

im just very mad.


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He's turning 15 in two weeks.

we don't expect either kids to be able to pack impacably, but my DD 11 is able to pack quite reasonably whereas SS just half asses through and always has to redo. Reminded him not to seal any box until we check two days ago and this morning, but no, still only gonna pack 1/3 and seal them so we can't see the crap he did.

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I think it's the perfect time to strip him of all unnecessary possessions, you know, since he can't manage them on his own.  Start him off in the new place with just a bed, weeks worth of clothes and not much else.   Rag's Burning Platform is called for.  Teach the brat a true lesson.  Make him earn it all back.  Take his door too.  Privacy is earned too.  

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I wish we can do that too. We really just don't have the energy to fight with him anymore. I'm not going to be the one to enforce the consequence and DH is also tired.

I told DH I don't want to live with SS anymore today (not proud of it). I know it's not happening. But really right now seeing SS's face or hear his voice just makes me sick.