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“Really nice of her to make me this ice cream”

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As we are moving, the kids were tasked to help with moving things to the new place.

After a long time of fighting with SS (DH fighting with SS, i was not part of it. It was a fight  because SS likes to pretend he has no strength to move anything despite already being taller than me), we took the kids to have some ice cream.

As we all were eating the treat, SS14 stb 15 said:

"It was really nice that she (cold stone worker) made me the ice cream"

....I am just. 

Funny we feed, clothe, and help him everyday we don't get thanks, and when we paid for his ice cream, the cold stone person is the nice one lol

I am petty, I know. I would love to be the nice person to send him to his mom. 


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I think it's more of my SS still thinks a lot like a 5 year old lol 

he's almost 15 but definitely not interested in the opposite sex yet.