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We have to live with family

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Dh and i are paying off ch13 and have very little money. Bm applied for and our child support was upped. We cant afford food now, we cant afford gas, we cant afford anything. So we have to move in with family till we get this paid off. Im over 40 yrs old and moving in with my elderly parents because dh spawned with satan and she is a greedy witch. Whatever. I hate them both. We got into this financial mess because of dh fighting bm in court.

Sd stole from us

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Dh and I have been saving for dd to go on the band trip. Drop dead date to pay is Friday. Dh and I are on an extremely strict budget thanks to chapter 13 due to job losses and legal issues with bm. We had to fight to see sd and bm tried to move which we had to hire an attorney to fight. Anyway chapter 13 leaves you with barely any extra money while you pay back your creditors. We have scrimped and saved every penny so dd can go. The band goes on a trip every other year so in high school you take 2 trips. 1 to disney and 1 out of the country.

Forcing step parents to take on financial responsibility

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So this is a take off of the other post about a man marrying a woman and taking on her kid. I think it was posted by secret. Some people felt because a kid calls the man dad and he supports the household he should be financially responsible for the stepkid because bm never sought child support. So what happens when they divorce? For those who felt he took on the kid, is he now financially responsible for a kid he didn't make or is it okay to now get child support from real daddy? What happens when bm remarries and the new guy doesn't want the old guy involved?

What makes someone black?

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My sd, the one who is 16, had some friends this weekend and one of them made a joke about the only black thing about her was her nail polish. The friend was black and sd and her other friend are white. So the black friend told sd that the only black thing about sd was her nail polish. Sd told black friend she was as black as her since her mom was black and her dad white like this girl (white mom, black dad). Sd said she was a black girl trapped in a white body. They played around some more and then left for the movies. I asked dh about it and what he considers sd's race.

When older stepkid PAS the younger ones

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What do you do when the older kid PAS the younger ones against you? This is happening to my sister and her dh. His kids are 11,9 and 8. All boys. Bm got a divorce from baby daddy #2 and they are still acting like a family by having parties together and sitting together at activities. They are spouting off that they love their kids enough to put them first and they are saying it in front of my sisters stepkids and now the oldest is asking why her and dh don't love them enough to put them first.

Hugh left his new wife nothing

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I'm watching ET right now and they said he had an iron clad prenup and his wife knew she would inherit nothing. To me that defeats the purpose of being married to that man with all his wrinkles and girlfriends. I would expect a payout at the end. Any thoughts? The house was already sold and he got to live there till he passed away so she doesn't even grt to stay in the mansion.

DH cost dd a great car!

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I am livid with dh right now. I got home Saturday with dd from a mother/daughter day and when I pull into the drive there is a new (new as in not supposed to be there but used car) so I go in to see who our company is and sd starts screaming at me, Did I see her new car? Did I see it? What? Dh said his aunt gave it to her because she bought a new one. I thought that was really nice of her and I went out and let sd show me her car. Now remember sd is 14 as is my dd.

Yes, but she is stupid!

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I swear dh will find any opportunity to tout how wonderful his dd is. She is 14 and in 9th grade and came home with no SHOES on Monday. She "forgot" to put them back on after an after school activity. Dh picked her up and she was soaked (they played after activity) so she didn't have them on. It is no surprise that someone found her expensive shoes and kept them. Dh is going on and on about how she is facing up to her responsibility, unlike my dd, and doing chores to earn the money to replace her shoes.

Dh needs to just shut up already, any advice?

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Dh is still carrying on and on about dd and the accident at school. He is making jokes at her expense about not touching anything that is breakable since she can't be trusted to stand up and take responsibility. Yesterday he picked her up since I had a flat tire and made her stay outside the store and sit on a bench because she can't be trusted to do the right thing if she were to damage something. When they got home and she told me I was livid. I went off and he yelled just as loud back which was a surprise.