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SD16 pre-failure to launch

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SD16 has always been the most “normal” one out of the 3 skids (SD21, SD16, SS15). SD21 was diagnosed ODD as a kid and she was a HANDFUL. She was the main reason I wouldn’t cohabitate with FDH and waited until she launched. I can tolerate SD21 in small doses, she has gotten much better as she grew up.
SS15 is high-functioning autistic. He has been doing much better in school and at home recently.

It's so can you NOT care?????

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I get to add another disgusting hygiene SD story to the many already on this site, yay me!
Laundry is one of my chores. It's my chore zen. I stopped doing SD16's laundry almost 2 years ago because of the nasty period/poo panties, failure to put clothes in the bin, and leaving her socks and panties all balled up with her pants.
I have also stopped telling her to do laundry because she is 16 friggin years old and I'm done.
It has been at least a month since she has done laundry. I try not to think about it. Gross.

OT- new job and my Dad

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I've blogged before about my Dad.  No filter, getting worse as he gets older.  My brother is about 2 years younger than me, we are in our mid-40s.  My brother has always been the protected golden child with both my parents even though he is the one that got in the most trouble, never finished school, never got a real job, etc.......basically he gets rewarded for breathing and my achievements are just not quite ever good enough.  Dad and I live in the same town.  I help Dad out when he needs it, do the occasional lunch/movie thing, watch his pets when he goes out of town, etc.

On the upswing of the cycle

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The beginning of this week was NOT good for SS.  Defiant, mouthy, annoying, all negative behaviors ramping up.  I have been handling watching SS get to his bus (curbside pickup/dropoff) so that FDH can get to work earlier.  On Monday, he was caught trying to take toys to school (big no-no and he knows this).  THEN he refused to hand them over and tried to push past me and grabbing at my arm, oh HELL no......he got taken down to the kitchen floor.  Lots of screaming and flailing by him.  He lost all privileges this week.  He's been much much better the rest of the week. 

Question about mealtimes

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So here's my issue.  SS14 is autistic and has the emotional maturity of a 5 to 8 year old.  His manners are atrocious.  He shovels food in his mouth like someone's going to take it away from him, gulps his drink like he's dying of thirst WITH food still in his mouth, talks with food in his mouth, clanks and scrapes his silverware against the plate, slurps and grunts at times, and interrupts and interjects in EVERY conversation.  He spills food all around his plate, you get the picture.  It's like this every single meal.  FDH and I can prep him before dinner, warnings of losing his meal/eati

SS the lying thief

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I don't even feel badly anymore for disliking this kid.  I mentioned on previous blog that SS14 (high functioningish autistic) has recently lost his calculator.  Yesterday he tried taking calculators away from 2 teachers and 1 student claiming it was his.  Then, one of the teachers told SS to give the calculator back.  He refused.  She stood in the doorway and again asked for the calculator.  He refused again and pushed/brushed past her and left the classroom.  He has a history of inappropriate physical contact (mostly hugs) so this is a big no-no.  Another incident report emailed, I think

I knew what I was getting into....yeah right

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Then reality hits.......I had NO IDEA.  See previous blogs for history.  So much crap has hit the fan and I am LOSING it.  SD20 has gained almost 100 pounds since she went out of state for school.  ALL she talks about is her weight, her anxiety, how many meds she is on, etc's annoying beyond belief.  Even FDH has had it.  She is about a year behind and at least 20K into student loan debts, not including the Parent Loans that BM has taken out.  Thank all of the higher powers that FDH does NOT believe in taking out parent loans for college.  So she is dropping out of school and want

SS13 and my dog

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Oh boy, steppers.  I'm at a complete loss and need your wisdom.
SS13 is autistic.  We hired a nanny for the summer to watch him.  SD15 is also home, but she has no authority over her little brother, he doesn't listen to her at all.  It's also not fair for her to give up her summer to babysit her little brother.