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She's here....long update

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It's done, she's here. First day of school was Monday. It went OK, she was nervous and acted out a bit, but the teachers and associates at her new school are terrific. Tuesday went much better, so I'm crossing my fingers that she's gonna be OK. She also knows another girl in her class, they used to attend the same school! The one BG7 just transferred from! We live in a fairly large urban area, so this is quite the coincidence. I'm really glad she has a friend to show her the ropes and hopefully meet other new friends.

OH we go Part 1

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Flippin pinch me, is this really happening??
Background....and beware, we're headed into Jerry Springer territory here.
DH is the product of both his parents' 2nd marriage.
DH mom/MIL had two kids from the first marriage (Sis1 and Bro1). The dad up and left with his secretary and moved 1000 miles away.  Sis1 and Bro1 never see him or their new half brothers/sisters.  MIL gets CS
DH dad/FIL had three kids from the first marriage (TX1,TX2,TX3). They divorce and the mom takes all kids to Texas. FIL pays CS and rarely sees the kids.

First Day of School

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Every parent and stepparents favorite day of the year!!!!!  I was singing and dancing as SS18 left the house this morning.

SS18 is the last kid at home, he's a senior.  He will probably be living at home for a couple more years after high school to attend an automotive program at our local CC here in town, which is fine with me.  Probably will be the only out of the 3 to actually graduate and do something with a degree!

SD19 is pregnant

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Welp, add me to the list.  SD19 is 10 weeks pregnant.  I'm going to be a Nain!
Yep, I've already picked out my name.  My great grandmother was a Nain and I'm going to be one too.  It's Welsh for Grandma.
Her boyfriend of not even 2 years is 25.  We all think he's on the spectrum of some sort, he's an odd duck.  They just moved in together at the beginning of the month.
She had a BC implant, but had it taken out in MARCH.  So her protests of it not being planned seem a little hollow, I call it accidentally on purpose getting pregnant.

The HOARDING never stops!

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Hello!  I don't post much, but this hoarding business has put me over the TOP!  SS17 is autistic, high-functioning.  He has come a LONG way in the 10+ years that I've known him.  I thought I'd never be able to leave him alone in a room, forget about a date-night, but all that has changed, thank goodness!  He is doing OK in school, his IEP is still in effect, but he has "graduated" from many of the steps/goals that he has been given and is right on track to graduate in 2023 and start his automotive program at our local community college.  I trust him to watch/feed the dogs, do various chores

Holiday selfishness

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This kid, I swear.....I want to hug him one minute and punt kick him in the butt the next.
SS17, on the autistic spectrum, high functioning, but still just DOES NOT GET IT.
He approached DH last week showing him a link on Amazon with something he wanted to get his sister for Christmas. DH says "that's nice" and SS says he's going to send DH the link. Whatever for, SS?
So after several back and forth painful questions of why all this was needed, and SS NEVER at any point ASKED for anything....
SS17: I need you to order it

Sandwich Nazi

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Hello fellow steppers! I haven't posted in a LONG time, not that it means that there's no drama/excitement.....
SS17 - high-functioning autistic - got his FIRST job this summer at a local sandwich shop. He was so proud and we were proud of him! He only worked a few hours a week, since they have band practice/camp over the summer and he usually visits his BM on weekends. He got this job through the Special Education program at his school.
When school started he worked even less, but it didn't bother him. At this point, he had never been late or missed a shift.

more SD18 issues

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Goodness, I’ve been on this board for almost 8 years!!
I googled “I hate my stepdaughter” back in 2013 and here I am! It was the oldest SDthen13 to which I was referring. She is now SD22 and we get along fine. I’m not very involved, but we are cordial and kind to each other. We remember each other’s birthdays and so forth.

SD17 still failing!!!!

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Been a LONG time steppers!!!! Read a lot, hardly post. Current situation….FDH is now DH as of this summer! It’s been 10 years in the making. Just the 2 of us, we managed to travel to a lovely beachy area in between major Covid outbreaks and have our wedding/honeymoon.
SD22 is engaged to her high school sweetheart, graduated cosmetology school and is working, but finishing up school this year and starting a new career was exceptionally hard because of the Covid so she is struggling, but getting along OK.