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The Cell Phone issue again

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I stated in my previous blogs that SD stole money from BM's credit card and bought herself a cellphone/cellphone plan.  SD is still in a group home and does individual and family (mostly BM) therapy.  SD and her therapist along with DH decided to confront BM with a plan for SD to get the stolen phone back from BM.

I am still trying to comprehend why the therapist and DH are on board with SD having a cell phone.  1.  The cell phone was stolen 2. BM has had her phone/computer and tablets confiscated by police on more than one occasion because SD was sending naked pictures of herself and chatting with child molestors (yes, multiple child molestors)  3. SD had a recent (less than 6 months ago) problem where she invited a boy over for sex and  sent him naked pictures of herself  using her laptop from school. She did cry rape after the incident.  Why would anyone want to have a repeat of any of this?????

I honestly thought BM would inform them to kiss her butt and not allow this.  Oh no,  she has given SD the cell phone this weekend.  SD can use the cell phone the weekends that she is not at the group home. SD comes home from the group home about twice a month for the weekends and she comes home on holiday weekends as well.  SD has the phone UNSUPERVISED during the time she has it.  DH stated that when she gives the phone to BM she has to give it to her without a password and BM will look through the phone.  Yeah, that is going to work.  SD erases what she doesn't want them to see.  She has done that before.  DH stated that "No, she isn't going to erase anything."  "SD has learned her lesson about stealing and doing inappropriate things on the internet."   YEAH< RIGHT

SD has a Tender account.  For those that do not know,  a site for Meeting & Dating Affluent Older Singles.  Of course, I am told that all teenagers have accounts there.  The teens are just playing around and nothing will happen.  

I have never been around so many brain dead people.  I am not going to say anything to him about the cell phone.  WHEN something bad  happens and it WILL, he can cry on BM's shoulder.  I have washed my hands of this whole crazy mess.









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I think that I wouldn't be able to help myself and would recommend to BM to install a watchdog app that records everything she does on the phone. Maybe BM is smart enough to do that herself and that is why she agreed to it. 

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I have tried to get BM to put software on her computer when SD was around 10 or 11 years old so that she would know what SD was doing...Nope, she wanted to be able to "TRUST" SD. 

  My boys didn't give me any reason not to trust them when they were teens but I still had software on my computer that tracked their every move.  I would rather be safe than sorry.  

SD is very smart.  She would look for the apps on the phone and she would not use it.  She would throw a tantrum and BM would do anything to avoid a tantrum.

DH and BM has always been afraid of SD's tantrums (which is probably why we are in this mess now).

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Wow, These people (therapist included) are part Idiocracy, part Alice in Wonderland.

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Hate to tell you this. But SD is on the road to being a Adult mover star , or a the world of hooking.  There is nothing you can do about it.  SD has a BM and BF who don’t care, what she does.  Why should you ???   BM is not going to do anything. Sorry it’s a lost cause,   You did your best ,  can’t do anymore 

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it is so sad.  I just can not comprehend how or why a therapist would be on board with any of this.  

 I have tried and tried to understand their level of "stupidity" parenting.  If SD isn't killed by someone who is luring her away on the internet, she will be wearing that goregous prison orange.

DH and BM will be crushed but it is their own fault.  They will just have to comfort each other. I have washed my hands and I am walking away from it all. I will not be attending any funerals, or arraignment hearings.