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Week 2 of the group home

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SD, age 16, has managed to stay at the new group home for 2 weeks now.  I am impressed. I still do not believe that she will make it long term at this place.  She hasn't called BM or DH for at all this week and only contacted them a few times last week.  She keeps any calls that she makes very short.

The last call DH received from SD, she told him that she liked the new place. Yes, she will like it as long as she is getting HER way.  Once she realizes that she has rules to follow or someone upsets her, she will be done with the place.

I am surprised that she hasn't called DH more.  She called him constantly at the other group home.  I think I know why she isn't calling DH or BM.  SD stole BM's credit card and purchased a cell phone a few months before being placed in the first group home.  BM knows that she did it but SD refuses to give her back the phone.  I think SD has the cell phone with her at this new place. She isn't allowed to have it there.  SD is very sneaky.   She doesn't call BM or DH because she is left alone in her room while the other kids call home. It can take awhile for all the kids  to make calls to their parents.  SD can use her cell phone without anyone noticing. If the other kids saw her with it, it would be taken away.  SD is on the internet with her new phone so she can hide it easily. Yes,  SD has her own room at this place. 

I haven't said anything to DH about this.  The last time I said anything about the phone, DH told me that SD gave the phone to BM and apologized for stealing the money and told BM that she would earn money to pay for the phone when she gets back home from this group home.   It took everything I had not to bust out laughing.  There isn't any way possible that SD did that.  SD has been obcessed with that phone. She would never just hand this phone over to BM after fighting over the stupid thing for almost a year.  She couldn't wait to get back home for 3 days so she could use the phone.

DH and BM are going to see SD on Sunday.  They are both taking SD out for her birthday.  It should be interesting to here what BM and DH bought SD for her birthday.  I am so glad we have seperate checking accounts.   

IIn my opinion, even IF SD stays the entire year there, (which I doubt will happen)   I do not think that her behavioral as well as her mental issues will be addressed properly.  BM will NEVER follow through once she is home and DH will still be in denial.  



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How is the phone active if she bought it with BM's cc? If it isn't, how would she connect to the internet if a phone isn't allowed? 

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isn't monitoring her credit cards very well.  BM will catch SD or BM's other daughter stealing money from her card and  will lecture the teens  but she doesn't do anything else. IF BM does cancel one of the credit cards, BM's oldest daugher will update the card information for SD on the phone carriers website.  Yes, BM has multiple kids stealing money from her.  She has 4 kids and SD is the youngest.  SD is the only one that is DH's child.  Each of the 4 kids has stolen money from BM's credit cards.

According to BM,  she should "trust" her kids.  She  shouldn't have to keep her credit cards hidden away from teenagers.  Everyone knows that once you tell a teenager you are disappointed in their behavior, the teen will stop the bad  behavior immediatly. lol

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I just can't believe her parenting skills. 

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that "Cash me ousside" girl who went to one of those group homes and started to revert back to her old ways in no time.