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Working out the kinks

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So and i moved in together over Christmas break. It was a rough start but things seem to be settling down now. Bs is adjusting well and he loves having dh around. They are really bonding which is great. I just wanted to say hi and tell my great news! SO is now a soon to be dh! He asked on valentines day and I said yes! It's all very exciting!

His kids are showing their colors

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They don't realize mine are brighter! When we got there last night his had a large group of friends with them and as soon as bs and I went inside they took off. SO tried to call them back but they didn't answer their phones or they left their phones at home. So I took bs trick or treating myself while SO stayed and passed out candy. We got back around 8 and when his kids weren't back by 8:30 I told SO they are trying you. He agreed and grounded them for 1 week when they got back at 9:30. They swore up and down they thought he said 9:30 and that they thought bs was somewhere in the group.

Curfew issues

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After discussing the lack of curfew SO has with his kids I declined to "hang" at his house for the weekend since my kid would be bored since he has a curfew. I told SO he is more then welcome to "hang" at my house. He did but it was tv and games with ds and no alone time. SO decided that a curfew meant alone time for us and he jumped on board. Well, his dd is pushing back and not liking her curfew. I think 10 is fair and that is the time he is enforcing.

How to address No curfew

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SO and I had a redo of our weekend with the kids in Helen a few weeks back and it was great. Since then we are constantly at each others house for dinner ect. and sometimes bs and I stay the night. They don't stay at my house because there are more of them and it's easier for bs and I to go there.

Just an update on me

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I let bs go on the mens weekend gun shooting trip with SO and bs had a ball. He did all kinds of manly stuff like burp loudly and not shower. He shot a rifle once and didn't like it so he got to pull the cord where they shot the clay things in the air. I didn't realize till afterwards that SO's dd didn't go and stayed with a friend instead. I told SO I could have kept her and done girl things that I would love to do with her so he said next time. We saw each other a few times after that but I kinda pulled back from him some because of how bad the trips went.

Would you let your son go?

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SO just called me and asked if ds can go camping with him, his boys and his dad this weekend. They are going out to his dads property to shoot guns. Ds has never even seen a gun and I know he would love to go do this but I am hesitant about it. Any advice? I told him I had to ask ds who is sleeping.

Our camping trip

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So's son was still sick on Thursday morning so I told SO that they probably wouldn't be going with us so I was going to take bs and his friend to a camping resort instead. I talked to his friends mom and got the okay and loaded all my stuff up. Friday morning as we were about to head out So called and said his sons fever broke overnight and do I still want company. I said sure but hurry since we were about to leave (7 am). He gets there 2 1/2 hours later since they had to pack and get the dogs to someone who could watch them and then get groceries.

Had a talk with So

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I let him know that some of the things that happened on our trip was unacceptable in my world. We had a long talk and what it boiled down to was he was worried about his kids so much he was letting them do whatever they wanted so they would be happy. I've seen him parent and that isn't how he parents. I asked him why and he said he wants us to work and he was panicky at how his kids would respond to a lady in their life. He was afraid they would push back and shut down cutting me and ds out.